Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This 'n That Thursday

Some ramblings….

*I love flowers. I especially love THESE flowers that Hubby gave me for my birthday. Aren't the colors just out of this world? If I wanted to be grumpy…which I don't, by the way…but if I DID…how could ANYONE be grumpy with flowers like these in your kitchen??!!

*When I was 16 years old, it took me not once, not twice - but THREE attempts to pass my Driver's License test. (Apparently, I "rolled" through a stop sign on my first try, and "didn't yield" on a left turn on my second try. I protested these infractions, but to no avail. Oh well.)

It was deja vu here in Florida, when it took not once, not twice, but THREE attempts to get our automobiles licensed recently. The first time, we didn't have the original titles with us, and the second attempt, we failed to bring a lien release for one of the cars. GAH. There's nothing I love better than making multiple trips up to the DMV office in Southwest Florida. Imagine our excitement when we finally, FINALLY, got the cars registered. For the silver Mazda, we chose a pretty blue & silver plate with a ferocious shark:

For the Mustang, we chose a colorful "Endless Summer" design with a surfer dude, as we thought that befitting the spirit of our little convertible:

Yay, us! The Florida DMV offices may be a pain in the butt, but they make up for it by offering such pretty choices for our license plates!

*Who knew that Florida basically gets as hot as the surface of the sun in the summer?? I've been attempting to keep up my half-marathon training by running outside, but when you combine the Floridian heat with the ungodly humidity, it's become a suicide mission every time I lace up. Not to mention, the mosquitoes rub their antennae together in glee when they see me coming, as apparently my blood must be better than chocolate to the little bloodsuckers. Gah.

Not to mention - there are cougars and bears and snakes running amok in Southwestern Florida, so I took this photo before a recent run so that Hubby could use it for a "Missing" poster in case I was attacked and dragged off into the swamps by a wild animal. Hey. You never know.

*When Hubby heard me whine complain moan calmly discuss my running problem, he kindly went out and purchased a treadmill for me, in honor of my birthday. To say I am now a happy girl is an understatement - as I can run in the bliss of air-conditioning, as I laugh at the disappointed mosquitoes.

*Because we were "kid-less" on this mini-vacation, Hubby and I indulged in some serious fine dining in the evenings…embarking on some culinary adventures that stretched our taste buds, besides stretching our waistlines:

The famous "Swedge Salad" at the Blue Coyote Supper Club...A fresh crisp wedge of iceberg lettuce topped with house-made bleu cheese, diced tomato and applewood smoked bacon. Nom. Nom. Nom.

Some sort of delicious dessert Hubby devoured at the Kenwood Lane Grille…it was poisoned with gluten, so I couldn't eat it. Drat. Drat. Drat.

The loaded chips at CRaVE restaurant…deliciously messy….

The Flourless Chocolate Cake at the Kenwood Lane Grille…so good, I got it TWICE this week. And I didn't share. So there.

*While dining out, it's nice to have a son back home in Kansas City who can answer - via text - all questions we have regarding diets and such. I'm not sure how Hubby and I got into a debate on whether cavemen ate potatoes and carrots - the two glasses of wine I'd had probably contributed a little to that - but it soon became very important for us to find out, and so we turned to Brainy Brad:

So to those who think our dinner conversation may be boring…well…um…okay, never mind. Moving on.

*Daughter, who is finishing up her third week in her college summer class (even though she's only 14 - gah!), decided that it was imperative for me to know about an anime convention coming in Kansas City this summer. Aren't children wonderful? I can learn about cavemen & potatoes from one kid, and anime from another, all via text:

Gotta love em.



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