Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Sippin' Wine Sort of Day

Pull up a chair.


On my porch.

I've got a great bottle of wine for the two of us, so we can sip…and sip some more…and shoot the breeze.

Catch up on things…this crazy life, that we're both living.

If you were here, sitting on my porch, sipping some wine…we'd talk about running. Because, really, if you read here at all, you know how all-consuming it's become in my life.

And I'd tell you that it's a GOOD thing, this running…not that I'M any good at it - not at all - but I'm still learning, and I'm still pushing, and I'm still determined to get better at it - even if it kills me.

Which. Seriously??

It had better not.

I'd tell you how much fun it's become, this setting of goals…this striving to meet and beat some challenges…just to see if I can.

I like those words: "I can."

So much better than the alternative, "I can't."

Because who wants to live life, saying, "I can't"?????

Not me.


If you were here, sitting on my porch, sipping some wine…I'd tell you about the fabulous plans we have coming up this summer…

…including a two-week trip to Europe, where we'll be visiting some seven countries, including one I've hardly ever heard of (Liechtenstein, anyone??!!), and some that have been on my Bucket List foooooorrrrrreeeeevvvvvveeeeerrrrr.

Like, Switzerland.

And I'm hoping for some FABULOUS adventures which I can write about in my own unique way, which will have you, my Dear Reader, feeling as if you'd traveled right along beside me.

London. Paris. Venice. Vienna. Switzerland. Germany. Liechtenstein.

What does one do in Liechtenstein?

Please tell me if you have any suggestions, because really, I'm at a loss.

I think I just like saying that word…"Liechtenstein" rolls off the tongue, it does…especially after a few (few??!!) sips of wine.


If you were here, sitting on my porch, sipping a bit more wine…I'd tell you how I still struggle dealing with the death of my father. Oh, I realize it's been over seven months now…but there are some days when the grief and the pain and the tears are as fresh as that day in October, when I got the phone call that changed my life forever. Something so innocuous as a smell, or a song on the radio, can trigger a flood of emotions that almost cripple me sometimes.

This year of "firsts" sucks…the first Christmas without my dad, the first birthday without my Dad, etc, etc…even going to the first Royals game this season sucked, because it reminded me that the last day I had with my Dad before he passed away was at a Royals game.


Death sucks, right?

I know you'd agree with me, if you were here, sipping wine….


If you were here, sitting on my porch, sipping some wine…I'd tell you how awesome my gluten-free diet has been going.

You'd probably laugh, and then roll your eyes, but I'm totally serious.

It didn't always go so well, after getting the diagnosis almost two years ago of Celiac…I can't tell you how many times I accidentally poisoned myself with wheat, and how debilitating those times were. Nowadays, I can go weeks - if not months - since my last "poisoning" - and that's a good thing, trust me.

I'd kill, though, for a donut. I can't believe it's been almost TWO FREAKIN' YEARS since I've had a donut.

If I knew I had only one more day to live…I'd seriously stuff my face with a dozen of those beauties…gluten be damned.


If you were here, sitting on my porch, sipping some wine…(or perhaps by this point, we'd be guzzling the wine, and really, would that be a bad thing? I think not.)…I'd tell you how crazy-busy our family has been…what with baseball games, and symphony tickets, and end-of-school-year activities, like Academic and Music award nights, etc, etc.

I've learned, more so than ever, that life is short, and by golly, I'm going to cram as much living in to every. single. damn. day. that I can.

Cuz you just never know.




Dana of The Stone Rabbit said...

That would be awesome to sit on your porch and sip wine and talk about running....and, of course, other important stuff! Running has also taught me to push myself....when I thought I couldn't. It's brought me through some pretty dark times . . .nothing shakes the blues, poor me's, worry, stress, etc. like a long run. And of course, it's given me opportunities to meet great new folks that I probably would not have known you! :)

I've lost my fair share of loved ones....and, for me, it still hurts.....I'm guessing it always will because I loved them so much.

How exciting that you get to take such a great trip...even Liechtenstein sounds pretty cool! :)

It's sometimes hard to remember to enjoy every day.....especially when the days are not so great...but that's probably when we need to look for the good, even in those tough moments.

I do not feel ready for the HH half. I hope the next three weeks bring some quality running opportunities....however, I know I will enjoy that race no matter how prepared I feel I am/am not. Hope to see you there (at the 10K). dana

MomtoCCC said...

Great post! Will look forward to hearing about your Europe trip.

Alan Gauld said...

Re Lichtenstein. I passed through it on a bus on a skiing trip to Austria about 30 years ago. But it was night time so all I remember is the border sign! I hope you see more of it than I did. I look forward to the blog entries! :-)

Susan Wilson said...

Thanks for this post. I too am missing my dad greatly, as it has been just over 6 months since he passed. Today, I called to follow up on his missing DD214 and medals. Every day I seem to do something that brings him back to me. Last weekend (Mother's Day) was my daughter's college graduation (Bachelors and Masters at once!), and I was filled with emotion, as he had intended to be there. He was supposed to be there. He had wanted to be there. I had made and paid for his hotel reservation.

So I feel/share your pain.

Excited to hear about your upcoming trip. We did Germany (with Dad - is he speaking to me through your post today?) in 2012 in a BIG way. I have lots of tips of the beautiful things you can see there. I never would have planned a vacation to Germany, but I am glad now that I went, and I want to go back. Rothenburg ob der Tauber is my absolute favorite place "in the whole wide world" (as Dad would say).

And yes, I'd love to sit on your porch and sip wine and share stories of running, travel and dads with you one day. Maybe we will one day get that chance...

Denise Young said...

Oh, too bad you are not hitting Italy on this trip! I have a suggestion for a gelato stand that is pretty darn close to a "10" !

But I did enjoy our wine on the porch in this blog!