Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Don't Give Up On Me, Baby


Here it is…the middle of summer…and life has been moving at BLAZING speed lately.

We went to Europe.

We came back from Europe.

We went to Florida.

We haven't come back from Florida - yet - but will one of these days.

I've been running. Still.

I've been going to baseball games. Still.

And I have an upcoming 10-day adventure to Orlando.

I REALLY want to write of our amazing adventures in Europe, but right now, I'm trying to go through the 5,936 photos that I took.


I took THAT many.

Because, really, just ONE photo of the Eiffel Tower, for instance, isn't enough. I MUST HAVE 436 PHOTOS OF THE EIFFEL TOWER.

With a 'selfie' thrown in for good measure.

Complete with a creepy photo bomber.

I know some of you are anxious for the adventures to begin, and you're probably thinking, "Oh photos, schmotos…who needs pictures??!! Just get to the amazing, hilarious, educational and informative stories of all the places you visited, already."

Um, I will. Get to it, that is.

Pinky promise.

Stay with me, and don't give up on me.

It's coming.



aimee0803 said...

Hi Sherri, I've been following your blog since you posted your A-MA-ZING review of your Med cruise on Cruise Critic (which of course convinced me that I had to take that exact cruise the following year)! I'm sure you're going to be quite busy while you're in Orlando, but if you have the time I'd love to meet you.

Sherri Odell said...

Hi, aimee0803! Send me an email at sodell330@comcast.net - and maybe we can work something out! I'm glad you've been following along…! :)

Denise Young said...

Yah! A mini-taster blog entry! Proof you are still alive!

And now I feel like a slacker for only taking 2,000 pictures in Europe, and NONE of the Eiffel Tower (we werent' in France) and NONE with a creepy stalker photo bomber.

Waiting patiently.....

Wendy@TakingtheLongWayHome said...

Looks like a mean photobomber!

beth said...

Hey Sherri! Found your blog via your Eastern Med on the Serenade review (yep... someone linked to it just today when someone on CC asked about Barcelona). I'm doing the Med/Venice on the Brilliance (I pondered the itinerary you did, but ultimately I could NOT pass up overnight in Venice!!) which is RT from Barcelona and hits some of the same ports. I loved the review, and it definitely gave me some ideas for the shared ports! So I wanted to say thanks! Looking forward to reading through this blog! :)

SandySetsSail Smith said...

I'm not giving up on ya, but sure do miss reading about your adventures. Hope you enjoyed your summer, and that Fall has been amazing for you.

Denise Young said...

So, I decided to check and see if there was a new blog posting, and got one I didn't recognize! Score! You were talking about your 17 yr old son maybe not graduating....um, what?

As it turns out my browser took me back to 2011...so I am all caught up on your life that year! (Glad the kid made it!)

Now if only your favorite baseball team would do something exciting...LOL!


Mari Kagan said...

Hey, where are you? Please come back and tell another amazing story.
Regards from your fan from Finland (we just drove past Fort Myers last week!)