Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Mystery Shot in My Butt

I returned from Guatemala about a week ago.

I wrote an article for our church newspaper - which I published a copy of it here, entitled "How's Your Face?"

What I didn't mention in the church news article is just how sick I got in Guatemala.

I got walloped.

I mean - WALLOPED! Down for the count. Knocked out. Wanting to die.

We arrived in Guatemala on Friday, July 3rd. By Wednesday, July 8, I was feeling pretty sick. It began that evening after dinner, and kept me up - all night long. Severe stomach cramping - trips to the restroom. I self-diagnosed it as the wonderful parasites that live in the water of Guatemala and that I try so hard to avoid - but perhaps I hadn't been careful?

By Thursday morning, it was time to go to a Guatemalan clinic and see a doctor. He did a perfunctory exam and said it wasn't parasites, but was more along the lines of a gastric infection, brought on by either e-coli or salmonella. Lovely. Handed over not one, not two - but THREE medicines that I needed to take. Injected a long, nasty needle into my hip - which hurt - and I wasn't even sure what was being injected.

I laid in bed all day Thursday, feeling horrible - and feeling even worse knowing I wasn't working with the group and feeling like I had let them down.

By Friday, I was feeling more perky - so I headed to the worksite that day and proceeded to do TOO much and by Friday night was sicker than a dog again. (Do dogs really get that sick?!)

Came home on Sunday - was in the emergency room on Monday. I've been on more medication since. Feeling a little better - but not 100% - yet. Was told to rest and take it easy. Yeah, right.

I'm thankful for living in a country where our water is safe. And where we can easily get good, affordable health care (for the most part).

After 7 trips to Guatemala, this latest incident has caused me to seriously reconsider going in the future. It just isn't worth getting that sick.

Now - excuse me as I go take more drugs and take it easy. Ha.


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