Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Beach

Ahhh....the joys of remodeling a house.

It's about as much fun as sticking needles under your fingernails. Not that I've ever done that - I can only imagine.

What's even more painful is remodeling a house when you have children. And a certain almost-10 year old daughter who fancies herself an interior designer. With all the skill and knowledge forthwith.

My 10-year old announced the other day that she has decided on a design scheme for her bedroom. (I didn't even know we were including her bedroom in the remodel - imagine my surprise. Silly me.) Yes, she's going for a "Caribbean Beach" theme. I have searched the design books since her announcement, and darn if I can't find any "Caribbean Beach" themes pictured. We'll have to wing it.

I did ask her, though, what she envisioned when she saw "Caribbean Beach" in her room.

She wants a "blue, ocean" carpet - complete with "wave cutouts" on the edges. Then, "a sandish" carpet (her words, not mine) next to the blue, ocean carpet - because duh, every ocean has to butt up to the beach, right? The ceiling must have clouds and the wall must have a bright, blazing painted sun shining down. And the walls - bright, neon turquoise. And a real palm tree in the corner of the room.

I'll supply my own sunglasses - I'll need them every time I enter her room.

Oy vey.

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