Monday, August 24, 2009

Knives Hurt

We bought some new knives the other day.

Now, I realize that isn't exciting for most people. But the new knives have certainly caused a lot of excitement in our house.

Our old knives were really....old. And dull. Pretty useless, actually. Which is why we invested - and I do mean, invested (who knew knives were so expensive??!! Yikes!!) in a new set of knives.

We've had them exactly one week.

The 2nd day of ownership, I was supposed to be slicing butter - but ended up slicing my left index finger instead. That hurt. And it totally freaked out my daughter who was working in the kitchen with me. So much for that stick of butter. And so much for my finger. It's okay - not a deep wound - but it sure hurt.

Last Friday night, my oldest son decided to pick up one of the knives and use it to slice open the pizza delivery box. Big mistake. Instead of slicing the box, he sliced - you guessed it - his left index finger. Only his wound is a little deeper - it's just shy of needing stitches.

I guess I forgot to warn the kids on how sharp the new knives are.

And these knives are getting more expensive by the day - we're having to stock up on bandaids and Neosporin. And possibly a future visit to the emergency room.


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