Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday, Aug. 5th: Wet & Wild in Williamsburg

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our adventure is starting to wind down - but we still have one more stop: today, we are heading to Williamsburg, VA.

But first - we hop on our bus and head over to the White House for a photo op.

Now, this is the photo that everyone has - it's on the world news every night, and on every post card:

But THIS is the photo I like:

Why? Because to me, it clearly demonstrates what's so great about our country - the right of free speech. There's not too many other places in the world that allows its citizens the freedom to set up right outside the president's home and protest. Awesome.

I don't think President Obama is even home today - I had heard he's heading to Indiana to give a speech. But that's okay.

After our photo op, we climb back on the bus and head to the National Zoo.

We head directly to the pandas - which are conveniently close to the entrance of the zoo. The pandas look a little bored - a little sleepy - not too exciting - so we take our photo and then we're off to see other sights.

The elephant is going to get a bath at 10:30, so we head over to the elephant house and get front row seats for the big event.

We don't have a lot of time to spend at the Zoo, unfortunately, so we have to rush around to see everything that we can. We enjoyed watching the orangutans walking over our heads on the "O" Line - just don't stand underneath one or you might get a surprise "shower." Ew.

We hop back on the bus for our 2-hour ride to Williamsburg. The ride goes quickly, as the movie, "National Treasure 2" is playing on the DVD screen on the bus.

We arrive at the Great Wolf Lodge around 4:00 pm and head to our room. Our luggage arrives a minute later, so we hop into our swim suits and hit the water park. Duh. What else would you do while staying at the Great Wolf Lodge?

I have to admit - I love the Great Wolf Lodge. We have one close to home, and we've taken the kids there for the weekend several times. I especially love the "fort" - which has all kinds of booby traps that are a whole lot of fun. I spend about five hours that afternoon/evening dumping a bucket of water over unsuspecting "victims" as they climb through the fort. Aren't I nice?!

At 5:30 pm, Disney hosts a pizza party in the water park for us, which is nice that we don't even have to change. It's actually pretty good pizza! (or I had worked up an appetite dumping water on people....?)

About 9:00 pm, daughter finds me and says she's tired - time to head back up to the room. A nice hot shower and then it's time for bed. One more day left of our adventure.


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