Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Patience Is A Virtue

Although "Patience" is my middle name (not really - it's actually 'Renae' - but just go along with me for the sake of my story), there are times when I have totally lost it.

Patience, that is. (Not my mind...although, actually, I DO think I've lost my mind sometimes...but that's a different story for a different day. Ahem.)

Last July, our family headed down to our vacation home in Florida...while we were having fun at the beach and sweltering in the sun, Hubby and I began the arduous process of remodeling the house.

We met with the decorator/designer, the contractor, the "tile" guy, the plumber, the electrician, and the "cabinet" guy.

Yes. We are talking MAJOR remodel here - as in, totally gutting the house and starting over, basically, from the ground up.

In August, if you remember, my daughter and I headed to Orlando for a few weeks so that the tear-down could begin. Which it did, as evidenced by these photos, taken in mid-August upon our return to the house:

My gutted kitchen...nothing but a shell of its former self....

Part of the master bath...but pretty much all bathrooms look like this now...

And now, here we find ourselves in almost mid-November, and guess what?

The house looks exactly the same.

Well, okay - we DO have new tile on the floor now...but that's about it.

Why, you ask?

Because my dear, dear Hubby - and I love him dearly, don't get me wrong - but dear, dear Hubby has taken THIS long to make up his mind on deciding on the cabinets he wants - in the bathrooms, the bar and the kitchen.


So, while he's been agonizing over the cabinet decision, the painters have been on hold, the carpet installers have been on hold, and of course, the decorator has been on hold.

About two weeks ago, I'd had it - and pretty much forced him to take a 2-day trip to Florida so he could meet with the Cabinet Guy in person and nail down the decision. Time is a'wastin', after all, and I'm not gettin' any younger.

I think we're making progress. Finally.

The cabinets are now on order, and will hopefully be done by mid-December. Then, the granite guys can go in, the painters can finish up, the carpet installers can finish, and we may - just may - have a somewhat-completed house by Christmas vacation.

I really should be used to this by now. Hubby did the exact same thing when we were remodeling our lake house here in Kansas City. It took forever - but the results were well worth it.

I keep telling that to myself as I watch the calendar tick by....

Tick. Tick. Tick.





Treasia said...

My friend you obviously have much more patience than I. I sincerely hope before the Christmas holiday's it is gorgeous for you all.

Mental P Mama said...

Cannot wait to see the final product!