Sunday, November 20, 2011

Invoking the "Or Else!" Clause

I would imagine...that if there was a way to capture just how many times I say a particular word or phrase - and then rank them to see what I say the very most...the clear winner would be:

"Clean your room!"

Followed closely by, "What were you THINKING??!!"

The "Clean your room" phrase is a very common refrain around our house, to the point where I sound pretty much like a broken record...which, when I say THAT, the kids look at me in confusion and say, "What's a record, anyway?"

(The things our kids missed out on by not being born old....right???!)

So...This weekend was no exception.

My 12-year old daughter's room looked as if a clothing factory vomited in it, leaving unidentifiable rags and scraps and supposedly-still-wearable outfits all over the floor, bed, nightstand, dresser - pretty much any flat surface was blanketed in piles and piles of...stuff.


Being the Obsessively-Compulsive-Organizer/Clean Freak that I am, this was giving me all sorts of migraines and nightmares. I finally reached the point today where I simply Couldn't. Take. It. Anymore. Period.

"Clean your room," I calmly directed her shortly after breakfast.

I've learned from experience that my first direct will usually be ignored - and this was no exception.

"Clean your room NOW," I said, a little more forcefully after lunch.

This did get the girl up from the sofa and to her room, where she managed to disappear for a few hours. Doing what, I have no idea, as I soon found out.

It appears that her definition of a "clean room" and MY definition of a "clean room" are far, far apart.

"CLEAN YOUR ROOM - OR ELSE!" was stated a little bit before dinner.

Yup. I whipped out and quickly invoked the "Or else!" clause.

It's amazing how that little addition of "Or else!" makes all the difference in cleaning a room. Or anything, for that matter.

I checked a few minutes ago and the room is spotless.

SPOTLESS, I'm telling you.

Huh. You'd think I would have learned that by now after all the times I've had to invoke the "or else" clause.

I really need to make the "or else" phrase my #1-said phrase - it definitely needs to go to the top of my list.

It gets results.

And that's what parenting is all about - getting results. Hee.



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Treasia said...

I had phrases I used a lot as well. The one that always worked out well for me was "I said NOW". :)