Saturday, August 4, 2012

Travel Edition: Random Observations

Random observations on a rainy Saturday evening (the Travel Edition):

1. It's good to be back home after almost 6 weeks of being gone...

2. The house has been a 'bachelor pad' - and it looks it, indeed...guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? I guess this pleases me, as I know that I am indeed, needed...if nothing more, than to keep the house from looking like a pit....

3. My furry children were very happy to see me...with the exception of the black & white tuxedo, Romeo, who is letting me know - in NO uncertain terms - that he's not happy about my absence. Or possibly my return?

4. I'm becoming quite the pro at receiving pat-downs via TSA in's my own little personal protest against the invasive body scanners and assuming "the position"....I also like standing up for my civil rights by saying, "I opt out." Go, me.

5. I was bringing nothing back with me from Florida, so I told my daughter she could borrow my suitcase to bring her OWN stuff back from Florida. It weighed a shocking 46 pounds!!! When I unpacked it tonight, I found that she had packed my barbells that I keep in Florida. BARBELLS!!! What was she thinking???!!!

6. We left the airport this afternoon and went immediately to my favorite Mexican restaurant...six weeks is a long time to go without Mexican food. I was in serious withdrawal...not only was the food delicious, but we ran into some old friends. And that's what's special about "home" - your friends.

7. I have a six-week pile of mail to weed through...and being the great procrastinator that I am, who knows when that will get done? Some invitations (which some are too late), some bills, and lots of political junk mail. I didn't see any windfalls or Publisher's Clearing House checks, so nothing to get excited about....

8. I'm hearing crickets tonight...I hadn't heard crickets in six weeks....Growing up in Kansas City, hearing crickets on a hot, summer night is a staple of childhood...and so I truly feel like I'm home.

9. I'll have these warm, fuzzy nostalgic feelings for about a week...and then I'll get restless again...wanting to go on a trip, travel somewhere, have another's the hobo/gypsy in my soul, and I've learned to accept it. It's just who I am.

10. And it feels really, really good to "somewhat" be getting back into my routine...including blogging. If I'm home - I'm blogging.



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Mental P Mama said...

Welcome home! Loving the night bugs here, too.