Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend in Review: The Pioneer Edition

For a weekend that began on a somewhat sour note, it turned out to be better than expected...

Friday morning, my daughter had an 8:30 appointment with an orthopedic doctor...since she decided to break her foot while baking chocolate chip cookies.

Don't ask.

Anyway, I was pretty steamed when we didn't actually see the doctor until 9:20. With no apology. And no explanation.


She'll be wearing a lovely boot for the next 10 weeks now, which is quite the fashion statement when you're 13 years old and in 7th grade. She's thrilled about it. Not. I think the boot looks like something a Stormtrooper would wear (from "Star Wars"), so I can't help but call her 'Darth Vader' when I see her approaching.

Friday evening, Hubby was working late, so I spent a quiet evening at home, engrossed in a genealogy project that I began a few weeks back. My oldest son had requested any and all information I had on our family history, and I've been passionately pursuing this, as I have found some really interesting stuff from way-back-when. Every day, I can't wait to share another story of another ancestor, and I can't wait to put it all together in a book form to give to my kids later. I've been able to trace both my parents' sides back to our first ancestors who came over from Europe...and I've found some huge surprises in the history that have me a little stunned. Such as - my family has strong roots with Kansas and Jayhawkers.


Being an avid Missouri supporter my whole life, and having grown up with a huge disdain for anything Jayhawk-related, imagine my chagrin to find this in our family tree. I'm still coming to grips with it, trust me.

Saturday, Hubby and I attended a wedding of the daughter of a former co-worker of mine. The wedding was held in a small town nearby, and I LOVED it when I saw the groomsmen wearing blue jeans, with vests in a camouflaged theme. The bridesmaids wore cowboy boots. Yee haw. This was MY kind of wedding, trust me.

I sat with my former boss, and it was amazing how much better we get along when I don't work for her anymore. I caught myself laughing several times, which was unexpected. But awesome, all the same.

Because of daughter's Confirmation classes, we are now attending Sunday morning church, rather than Saturday night services. There's an awesome singer on Sunday mornings who reminds me of Sting. Last week, he had us singing The Beatles, "With A Little Help From My Friends." This week, he had us singing Sting's "Message In A Bottle." Apparently, even HE knows that he sounds just like Sting. Go figure.

It was pretty cool...and as much as I enjoy praise music, I like this music even better.

Sunday afternoon, I watched the first two quarters of the Chiefs game...and when it became pretty evident that it was going to be a debacle of mass proportions, I turned it off and got out my brand-new bread maker. Daughter and I baked our very first loaf - which turned out amazing - and we are now going to become baking fools, as we try out bunches of new recipes.

Our first attempt...delicious!

This was partly inspired by reading all of our family history, and getting into that true "pioneer" spirit of my ancestors. Of course, baking bread in the 21st century is a little different than baking bread in the 18th century....

Sunday evening was spent at our local Mexican restaurant, as is our family tradition. For the last several years, it's our go-to place on Sunday evenings...the wait staff know us and expect us, and we enjoy not only their company, but the food, as well.

A great weekend...spent with food, family and friends...and coming to grips with my Jayhawker roots.



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