Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bountiful Blessings

I am blessed.

Really...truly...completely blessed.

You wouldn't think so - after reading my little pity party that I threw for myself on my last post.

But in actuality, I know just how blessed I am...with good fortune, good health (for the most part, anyway!), good friends, good family, and good fun.

Yes - I have an upcoming surgery...but I trust my physician completely, and I know that I will be so much better off for it afterwards.

Yes - I'm separated from my family and friends...but it's temporary, and I am here in beautiful, sunny Florida where I watch the egrets and the sailboats and the palm trees....

I miss everyone back home...and it's been evident the last few weeks that they miss me, as well...and that helps with the separation. Phone calls, emails, and text messages arrive from family...friends...and even co-workers...requesting assistance or help or advice on something. And I like that. To know that I am needed. Doesn't everyone like that feeling?

Today is Easter Sunday...instead of waking up to the smiles and squeals from my kids after discovering their Easter baskets, I wake up to the sound of silence in the house...but that's okay. I can use the silence as a means of meditation before I head off to church - albeit a NEW church, for me, where I am a bit apprehensive at being the "new" girl....

My parents came down to visit me in January, and fell in love with beautiful Fort Myers...they closed on their own condo last week, and they are here now, happily ensconced in remodeling it to make it truly their "own." This is a blessing...for now they won't have to stay at MY house when they visit Florida - hee hee...but really, the true blessing is that I have family here with me...and I look forward to an Easter dinner there later.

Today is a beautiful is a is whatever we make of it.

Happy Easter, my friends.



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Mental P Mama said...

Hope you are doing okay...blessings are everywhere!