Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sinus Surgery: Six Months Later


Has it really been six months since I fell into the depths of flaming Hell and prayed for death to relieve me from the God-awful pain had sinus surgery??

Wow. How time flies, huh?

Anyway. I thought I would post an update - six months out - on how things are going, just in case any of my dear readers are pondering sinus surgery themselves.

Here's the bottom line:



Now...if you'd asked me my opinion just a few short days after the surgery, I would have cursed you and then thrown you off a bridge - but I blame the post-surgery medication for that.

99% of my post-surgery side effects are gone...with the exception of having a tiny-bit different "voice" inside my head. Yes, I "hear" myself differently on the inside, which drives me a bit batty, as it's NOT the voice I'm used to hearing after 50+ years. But, I've been gradually getting used to this new voice, so that, too, shall pass.

Having that different "voice" has totally rendered me tone deaf. Not that I could sing before, but now? Forget about it. The "voice" that I "think" I have is not the voice that I have, so I am pretty much screwed when I try to find the correct note to sing along with. Gah. I think it's rather funny myself, but it kinda', sorta', drives my Daughter insane when I screech along with the radio in the car. Bwahahahahahaha.


Everything else is not only back to normal - but SOOOOOOOOOO improved from before.

It was tested while I was in Colorado, as I woke up one morning with a bit of a head cold. Taking a decongestant, I was amazed - AMAZED, I tell you - when the decongestant actually decongested - it WORKED - and the pressure in my head disappeared within hours.


(Remember? My sinus cavities were completely blocked, so there was no where for fluid to drain - or "decongest" - after taking such medicine. The surgery cured this. Woot!)

Another benefit, besides not having the continual pressure in my head, has been a MIRACULOUS change in my breathing while sleeping. As in, I can actually breathe! Little did I know that I was struggling for air before - my lungs were working OVERTIME in trying to suck air into my body - but now, with little effort, oxygen flows and I am sleeping in a continual state of bliss.


So...bottom line...regardless of the post-surgery pain and discomfort, and regardless of some of the weird post-surgery side effects, I absolutely, unequivocally, have NO regrets in having the surgery.

Okay. Wait. Maybe ONE in, I wish I'd had it twenty years sooner....


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