Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Eagles: Takin' It Easy

So, the Eagles rolled into Kansas City last night for a one-night concert...and having been deprived my entire adult life, I had never seen them in person. I obviously could NOT die - yet - without having had the experience of being in the same room as Glenn Fry, Don Henley and Joe Walsh - so, I got tickets and rounded up the Hubby and away we went.

Obviously, choosing an outfit became of prime importance...I ended up going with a black skirt, black boots, and a black/leopard flowy" thingie that covered the imperfections:

I love, love, love these boots - as they are the most comfortable walking boots in the history of mankind. And I knew - between parking the car, walking to dinner, walking to the concert venue, and then walking back to the car - I would be doing some SERIOUS walking. And I needed boots MADE for walking, and these fit the bill. They. Were. Awesome.

I then adorned my outfit with enough necklaces, bracelets and earrings that I could seriously be the poster child for "heavy metal"...little did I know that this would result in a small issue later in the evening. All I know is, I jingled when I walked, and I thought it was lyrical. I liked it. So the jewelry stayed on.

Just a bit of the bling this night....

The concert was set to start around 8:00 pm at the Sprint Center, Kansas City's premier spot for performances:

Approaching the Sprint Center, the crowd was heavy - but VERY laid back. I mean, we're all aging baby boomers...our rebel days are pretty much behind us. Even the numerous cops, monitoring traffic, were laid back, joking with us as we headed inside. Once there, we all had to walk through a metal detector for security purposes, and here's where my "heavy metal" bit me in the butt. I think I pretty much set off not only MY metal detector that I walked through, but every metal detector within a five-mile radius.



I looked at the security guy in horror, as I realized it was my extensive bling creating this mess. The guy took one look at all the jewelry, rolled his eyes, and said, "Just GO!!!"


Bless his heart. If I'd had to take the time to remove everything, we'd have never made it to the actual show.

Once inside, we made our way up to the rafters - aka "Nosebleed Section" - and took a look at the growing crowds:

Yes. We were up high. But I'd only paid $40 per ticket...and I thought that was pretty reasonable. Besides, I'm blind with anything beyond five feet in front of me, so it didn't matter to me where we sat - all I was going to be able to do was listen anyway. Hee.

Anyway, at about 8:07 pm, the show began...and what a show it was.

Twenty seven songs.

Pretty much every greatest hit that the Eagles ever had.

Sung to perfection.

Performed with precision and passion.

It. Was. Amazing.

Glenn Fry...kept the show moving with humor and style, as well as a thoughtful shout-out to the hometown Chiefs...

Don Henley...still has an amazing voice and totally blew me away on "Hotel California"...

Some photos:

Pinch me, this is surely a dream....

I was breathing the same air as these guys!!! Be still my heart!!!!

I know that I had thoroughly enjoyed it, but I wasn't sure about Hubby. He's normally more blase about things like this, so imagine my surprise, as we headed home in the wee hours of the morning, when he declared it the BEST CONCERT he's ever been to.


Oh. And Joe Walsh?

He is still rockin' a guitar. Unbelievable.



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lacochran's evil twin said...

I'd always wanted to see the Eagles but didn't want to pay $150 to do it. A few years back they did a benefit with the Dixie Chicks opening for them that was much cheaper. I got up at 4 AM to get in line for tickets and we got 'em! 17th row on the floor. It was AMAZING. I was so impressed with how great the harmonies still were and the audience did a sing-along for two hours! :)