Saturday, November 9, 2013

Checkin' In….

Although most of you know me as the "Drama Queen", I'm actually pretty famous for being the "Disney Queen", as well.

Yeah - you probably didn't know that. Which means I'm probably not as famous as I think I am.



If you've been worried about my whereabouts, or sitting there thinking, "Where in the HELL is the Drama Queen, and why hasn't she posted in awhile?"- it's because I've been busy.

Being the Disney Queen.


I've been here since Wednesday, along with a friend of mine, and I have been "showing her the ropes" on how to do a Disney trip that is both efficient, fun and AWESOME.

We've been having an amazing time - and because of my amazing skills at planning, we've had negligible wait times in lines, and we've met some pretty cool characters, and we've eaten some pretty cool food (and Disney does an AMAZING JOB with allergies, including gluten-free)….

A few teasers:

We've had front-row seating at the amazing Christmas parade last night at Magic Kingdom:

We've met some amazing princesses:

We've ridden some pretty cool rides, including the "hitchhiking ghosts", which is my FAVORITE:

We've wined and dined on some awesome food at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival:

After staying out till midnight last night, for the Christmas Party, I crawled out of bed early this morning and ran in a Disney 5k.

After walking about 20,000 steps each day for the last few days.

Yeah - my feet are loving me right now.


Anyway, we've got a few more days here at Disney World, in order to impart my knowledge to my friend, and then it's time to head back to the "Real World."

It's been fun - and I'll post more pics/details later!



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kimrye said...

well, finally! as long as all is well. Have fun. Darn. I know you will. Just wish I were there. Am retiring the end of the year. Maybe I will see you in an airport?