Monday, November 18, 2013

Poison Myself?? Is My Doctor CRAZY??!!

Here's a question:

If your doctor tells you that he wants you to eat rat poison - for the next fourteen days - in order to get some lab tests done…

…would you do it???

This is the dilemma that I face this morning. Oh, not that my doctor has ordered me to eat RAT POISON - gah. But he might as well have, as he wants me to put gluten back in my diet for the next two weeks, in order to definitively conclude whether I have Celiac Disease or Crohn's Disease.

When I eat something that contains gluten, it might as well be rat poison…my stomach will cramp relentlessly for twelve hours, which is pretty much debilitating. Besides racked with excruciating pain, I'll experience nausea, fatigue, and frequent trips to the restroom, if you get my drift. My head will feel like it's exploding, and my hands and feet will tingle and go numb.

Fun times, I'm tellin' ya.


It's bad enough when I accidentally "poison" myself with gluten - but to do it deliberately??? Who DOES that?

Apparently, ME, if I decide to do what the doctor has requested.

He tried to make it sound attractive, by telling me to do it around Thanksgiving, so I could "enjoy" my traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with it's gravy, rolls and stuffing - all heavily loaded with gluten. But…knowing the consequences…it's not tempting. Not tempting at all.

I still haven't decided yet. It's tough.

It doesn't help matters any that Hubby is absolutely, unequivocally against me putting gluten back in my diet…as he's had to live with me when I'm having an attack. And it's not pretty.

Do I NEED to have the diagnosis? The doctor says I do…but what would it matter? In the long run? Wouldn't the treatment - so to speak - still be the same? Avoid gluten?

What would YOU do???



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kcsuz said...

Just avoid gluten - you've learned how to do it quite swimmingly and, it's working. If it ain't broke....

Love you!