Monday, January 20, 2014

Reassurance That I'm Not Dead

So, this is REALLY going to date myself, but anyone remember the (most awesome) movie, "Fiddler on the Roof"?

A song in that movie keeps going round and round in my head…"Sunrise, Sunset", which can really drive one INSANE, as well as others around you, if you just so happen to constantly HUM LOUDLY AND OFF-KEY said tune…I may or may not be that annoying person, but anyway, I digress.

So that I can get that song stuck in YOUR head, as well (you're welcome), here's the particular stanza that is stuck, STUCK, in my head:

"Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly flow the days…"

This is because my days, for the most part, have been swiftly flowing by…to the point that it's been almost a month, a MONTH, GAH, since I've posted on my blog.

I know.

You all missed me.

But…as Jack Nicholson famously said in another (most awesome) movie, "The Shining", "I'm back."

Woot woot.

So…from sunrise to sunset, my days have been filled with the minutiae of every-day life…besides unwinding from the holidays, I've been spending time doing such blog-worthy things (NOT!) as reading books, watching old movies, cooking up new creations, hooking up with old friends, cheering on my favorite football teams (to no avail), and hanging with my fabulous family.

Speaking of cooking…at the pushing of my doctor, I visited with a dietician last week, so I could gain confidence and creativity on my gluten-free journey. Sad to say, she DIDN'T suggest substituting chocolate (or wine) for bread and pasta, but she DID have some great suggestions for new recipes. With her support and guidance, I set a goal of trying two new gluten-free recipes per week, until my confidence in the kitchen, and my family's confidence in ME, grows.

Today, I've attempted an Italian Polenta Mozzarella Bake…which is not only gluten-free, but also healthy in general. (As my dietician said, I have to be careful to NOT assume that a "gluten-free diet" automatically assumes it's a healthy diet, as some people do. One must still be careful and selective in what to eat, and make healthy choices. Chocolate and wine in moderation, she said. Of course, her idea of "moderation" and my idea of "moderation" may be slightly different.)

Doesn't it look YUMMY??!!!

I spent about an hour with the dietician, discussing my breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks…as well as my beverages. I was relieved to know that for the most part, I'm doing things "right." Which is good, because if I do things wrong, I pretty much WANT TO DIE BY BEING STABBED BY A THOUSAND NEEDLES because that's pretty much less painful than a gluten attack.


I'm alive. I'm well. Life is good. Reading some good books, watching some good movies, and dining on some pretty tasty creations, all while dishing with some fabulous friends and family.
It doesn't get much better.



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