Thursday, October 30, 2014

Caught In A Speed Trap

Has anyone ever been 'pulled over' for running??


Well. I can say that I now have.

I live in a pretty small lake town…think, "Mayberry, RFD". Our small-but-mighty police department maintains a notoriously aggressive speed trap operation along three miles of a highway that borders our lake, where they catch inattentive drivers with lead feet day and night. Anyone who is anyone around here KNOWS that you don't speed when you hit our city limits…our cops mean business.


This morning was rainy and cool…an almost-perfect morning to meet up with my trainer, Jessica, so we could work on hill drills. You can imagine my joy and excitement to discover that we would be running hard up a short-but-steep hill in my neighborhood not once, not twice, but TEN times. I'm sure there's physical benefits to be gained by this, and not just sadistic pleasure for the trainer in inducing this torture.


We had just got to the bottom of miniature Mt. Everest to begin the drills, when our local police cruiser pulled up beside us. There were two officers inside, and as we watched, they parked the car, got out and approached us.


Of course, your mind begins racing with thoughts of, "Why'd they get out?? What did we do??"

One of the officers then said, "We're going to need some identification…as well as an explanation as to why you two are out here, running in the rain."

Yeah. This was us.

About a half-second later, they began grinning…and it dawned on us that they were having some fun - AT OUR EXPENSE.

Oh, funny, guys. Real funny. I'm not sure what the point of it all was, other than to show someone that our police department has a sense of humor.

And I'm still deciding if that extra jolt of adrenalin helped me - or hurt me - as I began my hill drills…but I DID joke with my trainer that I guess we could both now claim to have been caught in our infamous speed trap - for running. I just keep getting faster and faster.

Hee hee.




PediNP said...

That did NOT happen. Seriously? Those cops must have a lot of time on their hands. Hilarious!

RunningNavyVet A said...

Haha your town cops have like mine trailed me and followed me on my runs as well on numerous occasions. I keep waving at them to join me for a run but no takers yet