Monday, March 23, 2015

D.C. Again??!! Wasn't I Just There??!!

Important Announcement:

We interrupt the trip report from last week's spring break trip to Washington, D.C. -

--because I'm about ready to head back out of town…




…to Washington, D.C.

It's like deja-vu all over again. WASN'T I JUST THERE????????!!!!!

Here, I haven't been to D.C. in almost 8 years, and I'm now heading back for the SECOND time in less than two weeks.

What's with THAT??!!

Well, the Spring Break trip had been planned for months…to chaperone Daughter's band/orchestra/choir classes…but this new trip, on which I embark tomorrow, was somewhat of a surprise.

I blame the Red Cross.

In January, I was notified by the Red Cross that I had been selected for the Advanced Public Affairs Team (APAT), which is kinda' a big deal (or at least that's what I keep telling my family, hoping to impress them…not working, though). APAT gets together every year in D.C. for a conference - so that's where I'm heading tomorrow. Awesomesauce.

And then to add more fun, less than 12 hours after I get back from D.C., I'll be heading down to Jamaica for the annual mission trip, where I'll be assisting in the dental clinic (again).

I spent today packing not one, but TWO suitcases - one designated for cold and chilly D.C. and the other designated for sunny Jamaica. The D.C. bag has professional business clothes and a coat, while the Jamaica bag has medical scrubs. And shorts. And a swimsuit. And sunscreen.

I hope I don't get the two suitcases mixed up. Eep.

The bad news is that I won't be blogging for awhile, as I travel around the western hemisphere. The good news is that I'll have lots to blog about when I get back, whenever that may be.

Bear with me!!


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Mari Kagan said...

Sherri, I've followed your blog since the day I stumbled upon your epic cruise reports in cruisecritic. I find your writing style very inspiring and funny. And you get fun out of the strangest things!
Have a good trip to the Western Hemisphere. I will wait for your reports!