Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pass the Xanax, Please!!

As a parent, we sometimes do some crazy stuff for our kids….

Such as spending 4 hours at a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, or riding "It's A Small World" at Walt Disney World 400 times in a row because it's your daughter's favorite ride, or allowing your daughter to play "Beauty Parlor" by painting your face with reds, blues and green make-up until you look like a Killer Clown in a Stephen King movie….

Or in my case…preparing to ride a bus beginning tomorrow for sixteen hours straight, in order to chaperone my daughter's high school band & orchestra on a spring break trip to Washington, DC.

Kill me now.

Yes, months ago, when Daughter first approached me about going along on this trip with her, I was honored, as it meant a lot to know that Daughter wasn't so embarrassed by my company that she'd be willing to hang out with her MOTHER on spring break, in addition to all of her high school friends. I must be pretty cool, after all, right??!!

But then the reality and logistics of the trip set in, and I realized I'd be cooped up, on a bus, with excited and hyped-up high schoolers, for an exhausting sixteen hours straight, as we roll through the midwestern states on our way to the nation's capitol. There, our orchestra, band and choir will be performing, as well as getting in some major sightseeing, for a week…at which time, I'll either be dead from exhaustion or in the looney bin.

Perhaps, though, I'll have a wonderful time.

Perhaps I'll use the time on the bus to have some heart-to-heart talks with Daughter, that we don't always have time for at home as we zig and zag through our busy and harried days.

Perhaps I'll actually experience some major laughter and light-hearted fun, hanging with the high school kids, and seeing the sites through their young, fresh eyes.

Perhaps I'll be wowed by their upcoming performance that they've spent months practicing and rehearsing for, their voices and their instruments blending together in beautiful, perfect harmony.

Perhaps this won't be so bad after all…



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