Monday, March 23, 2009

Three Days of Heaven

Another Monday morning...the beginning of another work week...the ending of another weekend.

But what a weekend it was.

The original plan for our family was for the four of us - myself, Hubby, 15-year old Son, and 9-year old Daughter to head up to Lawson, Missouri to Camp Wilderness. It was our church's annual "family mission" trip - where children of ALL ages are encouraged to come up and participate in a mission trip - so they can get a taste of that awesome feeling of stepping out and helping others. We've done this for the last few years.

What actually happened? I drag myself home late Thursday night - after spending most of the day (and evening) at Red Cross - I was exhausted. No, wait - make that beyond exhausted. Don't know what that word is - but I was there. Almost dead? Yeah, that would be pretty accurate. And we were scheduled to leave early Friday morning for Lawson, and I had yet to pack. Ugh.

So my blessed Hubby says to me Thursday night, "What if just Daughter and myself went to camp? Why don't you stay here with Son for the weekend?" Are you kidding me? Did I just hear those wonderful words come out of my Hubby's mouth?! Don't get me wrong - I normally enjoy mission trips...but this year, what with my health issues and such, I was really dreading this trip. Not to mention, the introvert in me wasn't looking forward to being in a crowd all weekend. I didn't think too long (what - 2 seconds?) before I said, "Okay - sounds like a plan."

So - Friday morning, Hubby and Daughter head to camp - and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the weekend with just my son. I've actually never had this opportunity before to spend 3 uninterrupted days with him - just him - and I have to tell you - it was great. My son is the middle child - he is normally lost in the sea of other kids and issues. But not this weekend. He was the ONLY child. We talked; we laughed; we watched basketball games together (go, Mizzou!); we went to a movie together; and we talked some more. It was awesome. I think those 3 days were some of the best days that I've had in a long, long while...and I hope my Son agrees. He would never admit it, but I think he had fun.

I learned some things this weekend. I learned some things about myself - but more importantly, I learned some things about my son. I also learned how important it is to take advantage of these opportunities if they arise - and if they don't arise - MAKE them! Take the time to sit down and spend some time with your kids - one on one - and really talk with them.

So, Hubby and Daughter got home yesterday, and all I could say to my Hubby was, "Thank you. Thank you for those 3 days."

I think he knows...he gets it.


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Lu's Place said...

I have NEVER had this opportunity. I have 3 children and now they are all grown. It seemed like too much to do with extra cirriculars, college stuff, and pta, and of course tv. I shouldn't admit this, but I got some tears. Thanks for the post. I hope it helps some young moms to open their eyes