Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Arch Nemesis

Damn Yankees.

Growing up a Royals fan, it was always very easy to hate the Yankees.

Tonight, we had tickets to the Yankees vs Royals baseball game, and even with the foresight that we would probably get swept under the carpet by the boys in pinstripes, we gathered up the family and headed to the stadium.

The Yankees took the lead in the very first inning, and so we settled in for what could be a very long night....

So, imagine our surprise and delight when the Royals battled back and took the lead...we saw some amazing home runs, some amazing defensive plays, and we almost got scalped by a line-drive foul ball.

A truly perfect night at the baseball game, made even more special by spending it with the family.

And the Royals?

They squeaked by with a victory.