Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I've Resorted to Quoting Snookie

Because I've already admitted previously on this blog that I watch the train wreck that is otherwise known as "The Jersey Shore", we will skip over the fact that yes, it's an awful show, and yes, I feel somewhat guilty for enjoying it as I do, and no, I would never let my daughter watch it.

With all of that said, I wanted to mention that the opening credits each week show Snookie squealing in delight, "I'm going to the Jersey Shore, b**ch!"

So you can imagine what went through my mind when the Red Cross came calling after Hurricane Irene, looking to deploy me. I asked where I was going, and the answer was, "The Jersey Coast."

I had to immediately call my son and leave him a voice mail, squealing in delight, "I'm going to the Jersey Shore!" (But I left out the b-word. Really.)

So I flew into Philly at the crack of dawn today - snagged a great little Dodge Avenger - and drove up the Jersey Turnpike to a small town called Tinton Falls, New Jersey. I came in as a supervisor, and that's what I found myself doing - jumping in with both feet at Headquarters to assist the 18 ERV crews we now have here on site. That's a pretty-good sized operation, as we never did have that many in Joplin.

Speaking of Joplin - I'm seeing a lot of familiar faces within the Red Cross - having worked with a lot of these volunteers in Joplin. It's always so heartening to see the same people at different disasters across the country - the reunions can become quite joyful.

I'm settled in my rather-posh hotel room tonight...the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank.

My (single & private) room overlooks a river:

and it's a far cry from the modest dorm room I had in Joplin.

The Molly Pitcher....

The MSSU dorm room in Joplin...

You just never know with the Red Cross where you'll be laying your head - it could be a FEMA tent on the tarmac of an airport in Galveston - or a church classroom - or a dorm room - or a loading dock of an abandoned Walmart - or at the Molly Pitcher. I'll take the Molly, please.

So - about to head off to sleep, as I sit here and type this on my iPad. Excuse any typos, because really? Have you ever seen the keyboard on an Apple iPad? Horrible.

Hope to have pictures later...in the meantime...



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Good on you!!! Take care....