Monday, October 8, 2012

One Month to Live?




Probably the least-liked day of the we all start the weekly grind and rat race once again....

But...what if you only had a month to live? And today - Monday - was one of only four Mondays you had left?

Would you feel differently about today?

An interesting question...and one that we're currently exploring right now at church. I have to tell you, this is an intriguing question for KNOW a message hits home when you are still pondering it, hours later...and days later, for that matter. This really got me thinking...and I wanted to highlight some of the points that were brought up in yesterday morning's message.

Some of this is from a book, entitled "One Month to Live", and a website, by the same name. I've just downloaded the book on my Kindle and have yet to start it (as I'm STILL slogging my way through the almost-1,000 page Walt Disney biography), but I can't wait to begin chewing my way through this new book.

Yesterday, six points were brought up, and I wanted to share them with well as get them written down for myself, so I can remember them and refer back to when needed.

#1. Begin with the endgame.
What it is you want to be remembered for, after you're gone? I sometimes struggle with I want to be known as a loving wife? An awesome mother? A trusted and loyal friend? If that's what I want "at the end", I need to be living that way in the present. What can I be doing, every day, to be the person that I want to be?

What could I do be a better wife? A better mom? A better friend?

#2. Live on purpose: plan the work, and work the plan.
Life doesn't happen by accident...what is my plan? Do I even HAVE a plan? Do I have a good balance in my life...a balance of time for Hubby, time for my kids, time for my friends, time for myself...along with the errands, chores, jobs, etc that must be done...?

Do I have a plan on being the best wife, best mom, etc? If I have a plan, how is it working for me? Does it need to be tweaked? Adjusted?

What is my plan for today...Monday?

#3. Surround yourself with people who build you up, and don't run you down.
People are like chameleons...we tend to take on and mold ourselves into the environment that we find ourselves in. If we're surrounded by toxic people who make bad choices, then we will most likely become toxic ourselves, and make our own bad choices. Likewise for surrounding ourselves with inspirational and uplifting people - we'll take on those qualities ourselves...

Who am I surrounding myself with today, this Monday?

#4. Focus on what is amazing, rather than what is annoying.
Ouch. This is a tough one for me. I sometimes let life's little annoyances - bad drivers, negative news, my own impatience - get in the way of appreciating what is wonderful in my life. My focus definitely needs to change to the amazing, and to being appreciative of what I have in my life.

What is amazing about today...Monday?

#5. Stop whining about problems, and start working on solutions.
I think I'm good on this one...I'm not one to whine, as I see myself more as a problem-solver. However - it's still a good reminder to keep this habit strong...but in the meantime...

...have I whined about today, this Monday? Or have I solved any problems already?

#6. Love completely.
Hmmm...hard. Isn't it human nature to love conditionally? If I can learn to let those conditions go, before I open up my heart for love, I wonder how different my life would be?

Have I loved completely today?

So...what would be three things I would change if I only had a month to live?

I would most definitely focus on the amazing; I would most definitely love completely; and I would most definitely surround myself with people who build me up...

So...why wait? Why can't I begin this now?

On this amazing, beautiful, awesome Monday?



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