Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rockin' the Chalk Walk!

My daughter, the artist!

About a month ago, we received notification from our daughter's art teacher that she had been chosen to represent her middle school at a local Chalk Walk art festival.

Today was the festival...a frosty 30-degree morning greeted us, as we bundled up and took Mickey up to the festival.

Wait. Let me rephrase that. Her father and I bundled up, but trying to get a 13-year old teenager to bundle up is worse than pulling teeth. Mickey kept forgetting that this was an ART show, and NOT a fashion show. Geesh. After much angst and teenage drama this morning, we finally convinced her to dress somewhat warmly, and off we went.

She worked with a team of a few other students, and the first order of business was "chalking off" their canvas on the sidewalk:

It took about 90 minutes for her to complete her project...working in tough conditions of a cold, windy morning, while on her hands and knees. We had tried to convince her to wear knee pads while engaging in this, but she decided knee pads were too dorky looking, and wouldn't go for it.

Eventually, her project, entitled "Cityscape," was completed...inspired by famous icons such as the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben:

There were some amazing other creations this morning, as well, that I wanted to's an Andy Warhol-inspired piece (done by a high-school group):

Another entry in the high-school age was this one, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night":

My favorite (well, SECOND-favorite, as my daughter's was my MOST-favorite, of course!) was this one, inspired by Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam" in the Sistine Chapel:

Another middle-school entry was this "anime"-inspired piece, which TOTALLY made my daughter jealous, as she's a HUGE anime freak:

After a cold morning, it was great to have Grandma stop by for encouragement:

Around noon, they announced the winners, and although Mickey's piece didn't win, we told her she was a winner in our book - just having been chosen to represent her school was a HUGE honor.

She had fun...we had fun...and although she came home totally covered in psychedelic colored chalk, it was great to see her expressing herself in a way that she totally loves best.



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