Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend in Review: Hodge Podge Edition


What a weekend.

Between found money, lost beef, tiny foods, freezing temperatures, strange art, sucky football, and great family get-togethers, it was a busy, busy weekend, for sure.

Friday was spent going shopping...time to hit the grocery store and the local drugstore. Armed with my lists and a purseful of coupons, I managed to save $25 at the grocery store and an impressive $65 at the drugstore. My 19-year old son had tagged along with me (at his request, not mine), and he was dutifully impressed. He's expressed an interest in couponing, and I can't wait to show him all the tricks!

Unfortunately...when we got home...we realized we had left $10 of meat at the store. For whatever reason, it didn't make its way into my trunk - which necessitated another trip to the store. Ack, I hate that.

That evening, Hubby and I had a romantic date night...spending the evening at a local restaurant, Julian.

This is a James Beard Award-winning culinary experience that was created by Top Chef Masters Celina Tio. We found the flavors delicious, but the portions small...perhaps that's a GOOD thing, as my exercising has been hit-or-miss lately.

Saturday morning, we headed up early to the local Art Fest, as I blogged about previously. During the hours that daughter was creating her beautiful chalk masterpiece, Hubby and I wandered around, checking the dozens and dozens of art booths.

We bought three pieces that morning, including this one that will go PERFECT in our Florida home:

...with the artist, Aaron Coleman...

We have a space over a bar in the Florida home that is HUGE, and needed something bright...I also wanted something unique, that gives a "Floridian" feel. This artist has some really cool stuff - created with a layering technique of acrylic, epoxy and other materials...check out his website HERE.

Another neat piece that we purchased was this one:

...with the photographer, Kent Durk, and his wife....

This is a TERRIBLE photo that we took, as the piece has plastic over it, and the photo is reflecting the plastic. This artist travels to creepy old houses and barns, takes photos, and then creates some really interesting photos...check out their website HERE.

Sunday morning was interesting...we were a bit late to church (shhh....don't tell), and when we walked into the auditorium, it was rather dark. I couldn't see a darn thing, but as we wandered around the back, trying to find an empty seat, I could see someone frantically waving at me. Squinting, I could see that it was a girlfriend, Suzie, and she had empty seats by her. Whew. We slid in and enjoyed the rest of the service.

Strangely enough, when we got home from church, I was checking my iPhone, and I had received a text message from Suzie - sent to me BEFORE church started. It said, "At 9:15 church now, you all coming to this one? I sit on the far side a few rows in front of the sound panel."

I never saw that message until church was over, so it was pure coincidence that I had found her! Too funny...guess it was meant to be!

After church, we headed over to my sister's house to celebrate my brother-in-law's are some family photos:

Jason, opening his cards....

My mom and I...

Mickey and her grandpa (my dad)...

My sister and I...

My one and only nephew...he's a character, believe me...he keeps me laughing....

We spent the afternoon watching the Chiefs lose (again...same old story), and watching the 25-car pile-up at Talledega...exciting stuff.

Before we knew it...another weekend...gone. Done. For the history books.

How did you spend YOUR weekend?



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