Friday, February 1, 2013

Heaven's Newest Resident

“A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.”- Maya Angelou

On Monday, the world lost a great mother-in-law.

It was expected.

Joyce had been fading away for the last several years - or, officially, "failing to thrive." Hospice had come in a few months ago, doing their best to make sure Joyce was comfortable. And she was.

I was in Florida when Hubby called with the sad news - and I hopped on a plane Wednesday to come home, so I could be here for the services. (Yeah, Wednesday - the day the severe weather struck across the country, which made for an extremely interesting flight - which is another story for another day).

Today, the services were held...a bit cold, for sure, but nonetheless, with the sun shining, a fitting tribute to the woman who was a mother to three and a stepmother to five. She will be missed...her directness when talking with you...her intelligence...her love of reading and current events...and her thank you notes. Joyce was absolutely, unequivocally faithful in sending a thank-you note for every occasion...and Hubby and I were talking in the car today, on the way to the gravesite, how we will both miss Joyce's always handwritten, and always poignant, thank-you notes. In fact - it wouldn't surprise me to receive a thank-you note from Joyce with a postmark of "Heaven", thanking us for attending the services today....

Funerals bring families together, and today was no exception. After the services, a luncheon was held, where we shared our memories and stories of Joyce and how she had touched our lives.

Funerals also cause reflection sometimes...and I reflected today that I hope my family gathers when I die, to laugh and share stories...and I also hope that I die in August.

Flip-flops and shorts will be the outfits of the day, and as the casket closes on me, please throw in some of that warm sunshine so I can take some with me.

RIP,'ll be missed.


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