Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New York Love

I'm hooked.

Yup - I've only been in town a mere three hours, and already - I have fallen in love. LOVE. With New York City.


For a small-town girl, I was very anxious at the thought of working in NYC - as I was sent here today by the American Red Cross to continue assisting with Hurricane Sandy.

Various thoughts raced through my head:

"I'll get lost! I'll NEVER find my way around!!"

"There'll be too many people - and taxis - I'll feel claustrophobic!"

And to my surprise...these are all true...and yet...I DON'T CARE!

Upon arriving, I met three friends at the hotel, and we decided to find a Chinese restaurant that we were told about...we only got lost three times, and never did find it. But that's okay - there's a gazillion other places to eat at every corner, so we changed our plans and dined at a little cafe that was surprisingly good.

And there ARE lots of people...and taxis...and cops...and buses...all bustling and hustling everywhere...and I found myself just going with the flow. No one is looking at me, thinking, "Look at that small-town idiot...what a tourist."

Already, I've seen Central Park, Times Square, Trump Tower, and Carnegie Hall...they're all pretty much walking distance from my hotel....all these places that I've only dreamed about - read about - and here I am. In New York City.

Tomorrow - it's a 15-minute walk to Headquarters, where I'll be getting to work - and working hard...but in the meantime...




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