Friday, February 15, 2013

Jersey Girl


Well, that was fast.

My love affair with New York, that is.

If you remember, the American Red Cross had called on Monday, deploying me to New York for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts - which are STILL continuing.

I landed in New York on Tuesday...I had no sooner walked to Red Cross Headquarters on Wednesday morning - which meant walking down Broadway and through Hells Kitchen, which was totally SO cool - when the Chief said, "Oh - you're the computer expert I've been waiting for...and you're a good organizer, I hear - so you're going to New Jersey."

Wait. What?

New JERSEY???!!

Didn't she mean, "New YORK??"

No. New Jersey. Why? Because the Chief needs a complete overhauled inventory of the warehouse - which is in New Jersey - and apparently, I'm just the girl for this job. Oh - and I'm to check out of my Central Park hotel and move to a motel in Jersey City.


Goodbye, New York.

Hello, New Jersey. (And wasn't I just HERE in New Jersey not too long ago??!!)

I'm looking at the bright side:

1. I DO get to see the Empire State Building, the Freedom Tower, and the Statue of Liberty every morning as I head to the warehouse from the motel...the New York City skyline is pretty awesome in the morning...and I'm tickled I can see it all the way over here in the Garden State.

2. Speaking of motels, I'm in a cute little extended stay - which means I have an apartment, for the most part, which is awesome. And I have no roommate...which means, I have no one who snores. Yay! However, it's literally at the end of the runway at Newark Airport - so at night, I count the planes landing every 4.5 minutes instead of counting sheep...Gah.

3. I'm working with an AMAZING group of people at the warehouse...I've been on a lot of disaster assignments over the years, and I honestly think this is the most laid-back, HAPPY group of people I've ever worked tension, no drama, no stress. It's awesome. Yesterday, the men at the warehouse gave each of us ladies a gift bag of chocolates for Valentine's Day...which was totally sweet.

4. I have Sunday off...and my plan is to ride the subway over to New York - and that will be WAY cool, as I've never ridden a subway before. Maybe I'll have an ADVENTURE!!!!

I can take New Jersey out of the girl, but you can't take the girl out of New Jersey...this is the THIRD disaster I've spent in New Jersey - enough that I'm thinking of taking up residency and changing my driver's license.


Not really.



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