Monday, May 13, 2013


Monday, May 13.

Mark this day down.

Because today - TODAY - for the first time since Wednesday, April 17th - an astonishing four weeks - I FINALLY felt like my "old" self....

Full of energy.

No headaches.


Ready to take on the world.

And - BONUS - I could actually smell my perfume and taste my food.


Looks like I'm finally - FINALLY - getting over my sinus surgery!

Oh...and I can breathe. DOUBLE BONUS!!!

That is all.




Mental P Mama said...


lacochran's evil twin said...

What Mental P Mama said!

Congrats. :)

NYCStylelittleCannoli said...

great news Glad you hear you are feeling much better!!

MariK said...

(not sure if my previous comment got lost or not)
Anyways, I am glad to hear you are recovering!
Did you already write your review about Top Chef Cruise at Cruisecritic? Can you post the link, because I am unable to find it. Thanks.
I am a huge fan of yours!