Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day Baskets

Today is May Day...but does anyone really care? I'm sorta' it seems that May Day is becoming another tradition/holiday that is slowly, slowly disappearing....

I remember as a little girl, carefully making a May Day "basket" - which usually just consisted of construction paper formed into a cone with a paper handle stapled to it. I would then carefully fill the basket with hand-picked "flowers" - which usually just consisted of bright yellow dandelions I found growing in the yard. After filling my basket with the beautiful flowers, I'd sneak up to our front porch, hang the basket on the doorknob, ring the doorbell - and then run like crazy.

By the time my Mom came to the door, I'd be carefully hidden behind a tree, close enough that I could spy on her reaction to the gift at the front door....I'd delight in seeing her surprise at the basket of flowers, and I'd chuckle, thinking I'd really pulled one over on her, as surely she would NEVER guess as to who had left it for her.

Later, I'd saunter back to the house, and after seeing the basket of flowers in the kitchen, I'd casually inquire, "Oh - flowers! Where'd you get them?" And Mom, bless her heart, would play along, and say, "There were on the front door...I have NO idea who would have left them for me! But they're beautiful, aren't they?"

Every year...we'd play our little May Day game...but time passes and eventually, I was too old to make pink May Day paper baskets and fill them with yellow dandelions and run and hide behind trees...and the tradition died.

Time marches forward...but sometimes, it's the memories of the past that bring a smile to one's face.

Happy May Day, everyone...I'm leaving all of you a "virtual" May Day basket on your front porch this morning...may your day be filled with peace and love.




lacochran's evil twin said...

I never heard of this tradition. Did you learn it from someone else or create it?

Sherri O said...

We did it in elementary school - we'd make the baskets, and then fill them up with flowers on the way home from school. It does say in Wikipedia that it is definitely a "dying" tradition! :)