Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

If you wonder why I haven't blogged much recently, I have several excuses reasons...

To begin with, when I try to compose a coherent thought - or sentence - suitable for writing, my post-surgery brain comes up with THIS brilliant masterpiece:


Yup. That pretty much sums up what's been swirling through my head for the last six weeks.


Secondly, I've been pretty busy. So, since my writing creativity has been reduced to words consisting of "XOWNGJWMXYQQXOTPLMV", I'll let pictures tell you what I've been to:

...going to not one,

...not two,

...but three baseball games in town:

...enjoying a fishing party-turned turtling party- with the family:

...enjoying shopping with a personal stylist, so I can dress oh-so-fashionably in my confused state:

...watching our dock flood with the recent heavy rains in the area:

...enjoying my furry children and non-furry children play with each other:

...attending numerous violin concerts with this little virtuoso:

Throw in appointments with ENT's, dentists, dermatologists and well as volunteering with the Red Cross and church...and I have been one busy girl.

BUT. In all honesty...and really, a blog should be all about the honesty, right? Because otherwise, it just turns into a giant piece of fiction, and we don't want that...right?

In all honesty...

I haven't been blogging lately because I've been just too darned lazy.


There you have it.

I've become a SLOTH.

So...I'm going to sloth away here and get back to what I do best.




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