Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Random observations on a Tuesday morning:

*It really IS a long drive between Fort Myers, Florida and Kansas City...TOO long. I hope to never repeat that.

*I still have to say that Tennessee is by far one of the prettiest states in the country...and Florida? Not so much. Florida DOES get my vote for the craziest drivers, though...and Georgia has the worst road construction projects that never seem to get finished and that go on for miles and miles and miles. Gah.

*What did we do on long road trips before GPS? And before those highway road signs that tell you what services are offered at the next exit? Both of those things sure make life easier....

*Prednisone is some scary stuff, as I've found out the last ten days. I am off of it now, but whew...the side effects are chilling. If I had done my research, I would have known what to expect - but coming out of a surgery fog, I was out of it....all I can say is, NEVER again on the Prednisone.

*Imagine my surprise when I walked into my house Sunday night and discovered that I still had Christmas decorations everywhere....

*Besides the Christmas decor, there were piles of laundry, dust bunnies, mail to be opened, bills to pay, and organizing to be done...I guess I really AM needed here at home, and the evidence was plain to see....

*My furry children have not left my side since my return...at first, it was cute...now it's just annoying to constantly trip over a cat or a dog when I try to take a step. I guess they're just needing reassurance that I'm not going to disappear again....

*This week, I have lots of "make-up" appointments - dentist, dermatologist, hair dresser, etc - for both me and the kids. It's a good feeling to start feeling like I'm in control again.

*Today will reach 85 degrees...the high on Thursday won't be out of the 40's...welcome back to Kansas City, Drama Queen.



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lacochran's evil twin said...

Welcome back.

I think before GPS and helpful road signs we got lost a lot and called it 'exploring' and discovered some amazing places that otherwise we'd never see.

That said, I rather like my GPS and all those helpful road signs. :)