Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lunch With the Ex

For the last two years, Son #2 has worked part-time at a local sandwich shop, where he's diligently worked up the ladder to assistant manager.

Yes. We're proud.

Anywho - yesterday, I was in his neighborhood, and so I decided to pay him an impromptu visit at his shop...because, as everyone knows, it's always a thrill to have your mom pay a visit to your place of employment. Especially when you're 20. And I'm evil like that. Bwahahaha.

It was after the lunch rush hour, which was nice as it gave me a few uninterrupted minutes to chat with him and ask how his day had gone. As we were talking, I see him glance towards the restaurant's front door and then suddenly a rather impish way...and muttering, "Oh, THIS will be interesting."

Of course, I HAD to turn around myself now to see who had just walked in.

It was my ex-husband.

Oh, joy. all wasn't too bad. Although ex-Hubby and I divorced over 15 years ago, we've always kept it amicable, for the sake of our two sons. This has worked out well, as we live in the same small neighborhood - so the odds have always been great that we would inevitably bump into each other. As we did yesterday.

I'll admit, though, that in the first few years after our separation, it wasn't easy - as he had some pent-up anger and wasn't happy about the impending divorce. But we both realized that our boys were our priority, ahead of any feelings of resentment harbored towards each other - and that has always served us well.

This bore out yesterday, when our son took his own lunch break, and the three of us sat at a table, enjoying our sandwiches and each other's company. I hadn't seen Ex-Hubby in over a year - so we had a lot to catch up on.

Many years ago, I used to teach a Divorce Recovery Workshop - and the one thing I stressed was how important it was to keep things civil with the ex-spouse - if there were children involved. I'd like to think that my ex and I have set a good example for our OWN sons; I like to think that, although they're the "product of divorce" (I hate that saying, by the way), they've had a healthy and happy and loving upbringing. No sparring. No fighting. No parental alienation.

Because you just never know when you're going to bump into your in the lobby of a sandwich shop on a Friday afternoon.



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NYCStylelittleCannoli said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. So nice to hear you have a good relationship with your ex. So many do not and like you say, when kids are involved, that makes it very hard. Great post !!