Friday, February 4, 2011

My Strange Addiction

I'm taking a big risk today in my blog...indeed, the subject that I'm choosing to write about will probably cost me a few readers...

...however, I feel that honesty is the best policy, and I don't feel like I've been honest with you.

So...(taking deep breaths)...

I have a confession.



I am addicted to "The Jersey Shore."




Do you all hate me now?

It's okay. I would totally understand if you do.

Admitting that I love "The Jersey Shore" is pretty much admitting that I love train wrecks...

...that I have no culture or class...(which I don't, I guess)... if you hate me now, I totally get that.

Even my Hubby hates the fact that I love "The Jersey Shore."

To say he hates the show is an understatement. Really.

What can I say in my defense?

It was all oh-so-innocent to begin with...but isn't that how tawdry love affairs usually begin?

I started watching Snookie and friends just so I could see what all of the hype was about...

And before I knew it, I was SUCKED in to the Guido world of GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) and the Boardwalk and Karma and Juiceheads and Grenades and Teeeeeeeeeee-shirt time....


It was innocent, I tell you!

Maybe watching the somewhat sad and pathetic lives of the Jersey Shore cast...

...makes me feel just that much better about my own life.

Hey...that sounds like a good excuse, so that's what I'm sticking to. you know.

Now that you know the sad, pathetic truth about me...I hope you come back to my blog.

Pretty Please?




Gwen said...

Um....My name is Gwen and I love the Jersey Shore too!!!

I avoided it like the plague when it first started. I couldn't see how people could watch such mindless crap and then the marathon weekend happened. I've been hooked since. I will say though that if it weren't for the guys I wouldn't watch. They have me rolling each episode!!!

At least you know you aren't alone. :) XOXO

Drama Queen said...

How funny....! The truth is coming out!

And yes...I love me some Pauly D. ;)

MAFW said...

Im a middle aged fat woman and I love the show as well. Go figure!

Mental P Mama said...

LOL...I have no interest in that. There are too many dirtbags wandering around the east coast in real life. Now the Housewives of Beverly Hills is a whole 'nother story:)

Sandra said...

That confession just gained you a follower! Come on now, 3/4 of people are also addicted, and the other 1/4 just won't admit it!

Obi said...

Your confession: exactly why I won't take a peek at the 'Jersey Shore' hype...for your same reasons!

And besides, as Mama pointed out, there's a lot of The Real Housewives that I need to keep up with. ;-)