Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pants On the Ground

Oh, how boring.

Another medical post.

Just an FYI so if you're not into medical posts, you can move on....nothing to see here.

But in the interests of full disclosure, I thought I would share how my post-cholecystectomy life is progressing.

That's "post-gallbladder surgery", in case you didn't catch my official medical jargon. Before this is all over, I expect to have an unofficial degree in medicine. Hee.

Over two weeks out since my Coming Out Party, and I am adjusting to my new normal.

The good news: I have been 100%, unequivocally, absolutely pain-free. Woot!

The bad news: I am experiencing a common, but frustrating side effect known as...

...Rapid Gastric Emptying Syndrome.

Also known as "Dumping Syndrome", but that just sounds gross and horrible, so I'll stick with Emptying Syndrome, thank you very much.

Whatever you call it, it kinda' sucks.

Basically, my stomach is rapidly emptying undigested food into my small intestine, leaving me exhausted, bloated, and miserable after every meal. Bleh.

This, in turn, is leading to some rapid weight loss on my part, which is NOT needed at this time, believe me. I'm turning into the Incredible Shrinking Woman, and it is not by choice.

At this rate, I will become the "Pants on the Ground" poster child, as my clothes are pretty much falling off.

The bright side to this is that I have a ready-made costume for Halloween - a walking, breathing skeleton. Boo.

Treatment for RGDS involves trying to eat smaller meals more often during the day, which has been difficult for me to do, as for 49+ years, I've eaten three meals a day. Period. Breakfast, lunch and then, dinner. Period. Trying to break a 49-year habit is a little difficult, as you can imagine.

There are some other suggestions, as well - such as eating fewer sugars, fewer carbs, chewing my food slowly, and not drinking while eating.

That's in, no drinking ANYTHING - even water - while eating.

My habit of chasing my food down with a Diet Dr. Pepper during every meal must end.

Yesterday, I headed up to my local vitamin store, where I picked up some digestive enzyme supplements, which will hopefully aid in the digestion of my food....

I'm hoping these provide some relief...we'll see.

So, there you have it.

I'm only posting this to help anyone who may be contemplating gallbladder FYI so you can know what to possibly expect post-surgery.

And now, if you'll excuse me, its about time to have another meal. Breakfast #2 of the day. Oh, joy.

And no Diet Dr. Pepper.

Oh, the inhumanity of it all.




carsick said...

Oh Poor YOU!!!!!!!! I hope it straightens out quickly!

Lu's Place said...

Oh I am so sorry, girl. I had no idea that GBsurgery was so intense. My goodness are you glad that you did it now? I know you love Dr. Pepper oh the misery of it all?

Drama Queen said...

Lu...when it's all said and done, I don't regret having the surgery. The intense pain I was having over the last four years was debilitating...and I haven't had to take a pain pill now since the surgery, which is AWESOME!!!

This "Emptying Syndrome" is uncomfortable and frustrating - but not painful...if that makes sense. I just need to learn to control it and quit dropping the weight. Starting to look a little gaunt, which I don't want!

Mental P Mama said...

I didn't know it was an elective...when my mother had hers removed, it was an emergency. I hope you get some relief soon, though. Just dreadful.