Monday, October 3, 2011

Sister, Sister

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Monday morning...

...a day that is chock-full of errands, chores, phone calls to make, and general craziness so that the rest of the week may be calm, serene and zen-like....


Yeah, right.

So, with a To-Do list that looks like a PhD dissertation on "War and Peace", I get prepared to head out the door this morning, when my phone rings.

And it's my sister, Traci.

My sister, Traci

Traci is my valiant and brave warrior sister who is currently battling any plans that I may have are most definitely set aside so that I may chat with my sis.

Which is as it should be.

Traci and I spend an hour on the phone, talking about little but laughing about much...discussing our kids, our lives, our husbands, and of course, our mother, which is always guaranteed to bring us to giggles.

Hee. Hope Mom's not reading this.

Love ya, Mom...

After an hour, we say good-bye and I head out the door, ready, once again, to tackle the monstrous "To-Do" list, which seems to have only grown longer in that hour of chit-chat.

First on my list is a visit to CVS, our local pharmacy, where I am armed with coupons and a battle-plan...and when it's all over, I have spent $125.73, which sounds atrocious, but I have managed to SAVE a fantastic $117.39.

AND walked away with a total of $25.00 in FREE money to use on my next trip.

Yeah, I'm braggin'....

I am so tickled with my savings that I have to brag to someone - ANYONE - and being that my sister is a fellow couponer, she would appreciate what I've just accomplished at CVS.

So, naturally, I call Traci.

"Hey!" I shout, excitedly into the phone. "I know we just talked, but guess what I just saved at CVS???!!!"

We talk for another 30 minutes or so on the phone - discussing the deals I got and our respective stockpiles, and our call is only interrupted as my mother calls me on the other line.

All the while, I've been driving to my next stop on my list, the grocery store. Mom and I chit chat about nothing and everything, and she asks me how Traci was that morning, as she usually does.

"Mom," I say, as I walk into the store, "I gotta' go. I'll call you later when I'm home."

And as I walk into our local grocery store, they have music playing over the intercoms...and the song that is playing is nothing other than "Tracy" the Cuff Links...which was one of my most favorite songs EVER when my sister was born.

If you've never heard the song, CLICK on the link below for the video:

"Tracy" by the Cuff Links

When my sister was a baby, I would croon this song over and over to her...and it was just weird - so weird - that this song was on the speakers this morning....

It is truly a "Traci" day...

Love ya', sis.