Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Long Road to Recovery

This post was going to be a funny one...all witty and entertaining and light-hearted.

You know, my usual sort of sarcastic view of the world with a bit of tartness and sweetness thrown in for good measure.

And yet.

And yet.

I can't.

My heart is heavy for the people of the south...hit hard by the devastating storms last week.

I have been the images that my TV screen is blaring into my living room each day.

I so wanted to jump in my Red Cross ERV and drive non-stop so I could make it all better for everyone affected.

But I can't go.

And it kills me to not be able to go at this time.

But "baby" sister is having surgery.

Not just any surgery.

My sister was diagnosed with rectal cancer a month ago.

There. I said it.

I haven't really wanted to say those words for the past month. Living in denial, I guess. Hoping the doctors were wrong, I guess.

But tomorrow she is undergoing an operation that will hopefully remove all of the bad stuff.

And I just can't go south right now.

I need to be here...with our family...rallying around her and her family and showering her with love and prayers and support.

The doctors think they caught this early, so we hope for a very positive outcome.

And I know there are hundreds...if not THOUSANDS...of other American Red Cross volunteers across the country that are answering the call and heading south to assist the people there.

My place is here, at home, for the time being.

But think of those people. Say a prayer for them, please. Make a donation to an organization of your choice that can help them.

They're going to be in for a long road to recovery.

As will my sister.

And please say a prayer for her, too...please.




Mental P Mama said...

Oh Sherri...holding you all in my prayers.

carsick said...

We've already donated and been praying for the south. Now we'll add your sister and your entire family to our prayer list. God Bless