Thursday, January 26, 2012

Heaven on a Winter's Day

Things that I love right now:

1. Chai Latte K-Cups
I just discovered these little babies yesterday, and I'm already addicted...had 3 cups yesterday alone, so I have a feeling I should have bought these in BULK. As in, truckloads.... I love Chai...the delicious, calming aroma...and these little cups are a little taste of sunshine. LOVE.

2. Revenge
Any one else watching this little thriller on ABC's Wednesday night line-up? Set in the Hamptons, with scenery and fashion to die for, this is a must-see for me every Wednesday night...LOVE.

3. Agnes Obel singing "Riverside"
Haunting...poignant...this song from a Danish singer is my must-listen-to on my iPod right now. Drinking Chai tea, listening to this beautiful song, is absolute nirvana. LOVE.

4. Pixel of Ink's daily FREE Kindle books
My Kindle has been one of my most favorite things the last few years, and I love nothing more than getting emails daily with FREE books to download. Every single day. Free books. LOVE.

5. Friendships
I've been getting together a lot recently with girlfriends and family - lunches, dinners, shopping trips - as I love nothing more than being surrounded by the people that I love and look up to. Each friendship, relationship, whatever - brings something to me that can't be put into words...and the laughter, advice, and companionship that flows as I spend time with those I love is something that is priceless. LOVE.

Those are my five favorite loves on a murky January morning, that is bringing me one day closer to spring....



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