Saturday, January 7, 2012

Moms Are the Best

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What you just read is what my brain and thoughts have been the last few days...and consequently, why I haven't been blogging. Because, really...would you even have the slightest clue what I was talking about?

I didn't think so.

Actually, I'm not even sure my thoughts were THAT clear. "Fuzzy" and "disoriented" don't even begin to describe my brain activity since Tuesday.

See, we flew back to Kansas City on Tuesday...and because my Hubby had so generously decided to share his cold with me, the flight was a little bit uncomfortable....My ears were popping; my head was pounding; my throat was scratching; and my chest was coughing. Okay - it was a lot uncomfortable.


I could NOT afford to get sick, as I was scheduled to fly to Hawaii on Friday for a 3-week mission trip. My ears barely survived the 4-hour flight back from Ft. Myers on Tuesday - and that was using every medical trick in the book to alleviate pressure. Sudafed, Tylenol, gum....I was doing it ALL. There was NO WAY IN HELL that my ears would survive a 9-hour flight to Hawaii.

By Wednesday, I was still self-medicating - loading up on Sudafed and Tylenol like they were candy M&M's...and I was convincing myself, with every passing hour, that I was getting better. Convincing myself to no avail. By Wednesday evening, I could tell that things were only going to get worse before they got better.

On Thursday, I met a girlfriend for lunch at my favorite watering hole, Chipotle's. As we were sitting there, the pain in my head got so bad that at one point, I was seeing not one, but TWO Julie's.

This can't be good.

I tried to bring her into focus, and I guess I mumbled something like, "Uh, I'm not feeling so good right now...maybe I'd better go home." She replied, "You don't look so good." And she was right. I looked like Death Warmed Over.

I'm not sure how I managed to drive home...which is not funny at all, and I'm not even going to try and snark about that, as it was actually pretty dangerous for me to be driving a car at this point. I was about a half-second shy of passing out when, fortuitously, my mother called. (And I have Bluetooth, so don't worry - I still had both hands on the wheel.)

"Where are you?" Mom asked.

"Uh...on my way home from lunch with Julie," I mumbled.

"WHAT?" Mom shrieked. "I thought maybe for once you got smart and were at the doctor's!"

When have I ever been smart, is what I wanted to say...but I don't think I said anything at this point...rather, I burst into tears and told my mom how I couldn't see or think, the pain in my head was so bad.

Bless my Mama's heart...she immediately called the doctor for me, got an appointment that same afternoon, and then directed my dad to come over and take me.

Lots of good advice and good medications later, I am feeling better...almost human again, actually. It's amazing what a bit of antibiotics and Vicodin will do for you.

As far as my mission trip - the rest of the team took off yesterday, but I have postponed my flight until next Thursday, with my doctor's advice. I'll join up with them there, in progress.

Hawaii will still be there...and my ears will thank me on the flight over.

And as far as my Mom? Sometimes, that woman can drive me insane...but other times, like on Thursday...she rocks.



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