Thursday, March 29, 2012

Black Gold & Texas Tea


I've been SUPER busy lately, what with all of this packing things on my truck, in anticipation for our big move to California.

Oh. Wait.

You haven't heard? We're moving to California?

Let me back up.

The other day, while doing one of my endless shuttles of Daughter-to-the-Orthodontist (I could do this drive in my sleep, I kid you not), I made a side comment that I was getting low on gas...which led to me debating, with myself, naturally, on whether I should stop then and get gas - and pay an exorbitant price - or gamble, wait a day or two, hoping the price goes down - but knowing that most likely, the price would shoot up even more. What to do, what to do?

Oh, come on. You've all had that debate, yourself. I'm not the only one.


I digress.

So, as I'm mumbling about "do I? Or don't I?" with regards to getting gas, my 12-year old Daughter pipes up.

"Oh, HEY! I almost forgot to tell you something!!!"

Well. She was so excited, that my first thought was perhaps she'd been awarded a full scholarship to college, or something. Hey. I can dream, right?

"What?" I asked, all hopeful.

"Gas prices are going to come DOWN!" she announces, and then sits back, all smug in her assuredness.

"What??" I asked, with a bit of disbelief.

"Yeah," she continues..."I was talking to Alison on the bus, and she said that her mom said that someone told HER that they're going to get OIL out of our lake and that's going to make the gas prices come down."

"WHAT??!!!!!" I shrieked. (Am I sounding like a broken parrot here, or is it just me?)

Now. Remember...we DO live on a lake. Lake Winnebago, to be exact...a community consisting of 1.9 square miles of land and .4 square miles of water. Really. Look it up on Wikipedia.

Yup...we may be small, but my teeny, tiny little lake is going to solve the national gas crisis. According to my 12-year old daughter and Alison.

Well...who knew? That we were going to be millionaires?

So, naturally, when my kinfolk heard, they told me California is the place we oughta' be, so I'm loading up our truck and we're moving to Beverly.

Hills, that is.

Swimming pools. Movie stars.

Black gold. Texas tea.

You all come back now, ya' hear?


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Just remember us little people....