Monday, March 26, 2012

Lucky 13

I really had no intention of every marrying again.

I had done it once...struggled with it for twelve years...decided it wasn't for me...and was happy in my newfound independence as a single mom of two young boys.

I enjoyed my freedom, my independence, my growing strength as I made my own decisions and pursued the passions that made me happy.

And then I met Michael.

Within four months of meeting him, I followed my heart, and found myself married, once again, and here we are - thirteen years later and still going strong.

Michael saw what I needed, and he's always been so good at letting me be the type of person that I need to be - strong, independent, quirky, adventurous, passionate - and he's never tried to stifle my dreams in any way. He lets me grow. He lets me breathe.

He gets me.

He also spoils me rotten, which is kinda' cool, but leaves me feeling a bit guilty sometimes, as that nagging little voice inside my head will sometimes say, "You don't deserve this."

Every morning, he'll have a coffee cup and my breakfast bar waiting for me at the coffee bar...

He'll have the daily newspaper waiting for me beside my bedside, so when I wake up - I have my morning reading at my fingertips....

He'll have my towel and my robe all nice & toasty in the towel warming drawer...

He knows my love for all things chocolate, so he keeps me stocked in delicious nibbles...

He'll sit back and enjoy the ride when I want to drive really fast in my Mustang, letting my hair go all wild and crazy...

He'll have flowers delivered for sometimes no reason at all...or sometimes for the best reasons...

Every night, he whips up a delicious glass of cold, chocolate milk and brings it to me, wherever I've landed for the evening...

He makes me laugh. He makes me think. He challenges me. He encourages me. He supports me.

He's a keeper.

I love you, sweetheart.

Happy 13th wedding anniversary...and here's to many, many more.




Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Yes, he is a keeper!!!
Happy Anniversary!!!!
And many more!!!


Mental P Mama said...

He IS a keeper! Congrats!