Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Look of Love

Hubby and I have several furry children in our house, along with all of the non-furry children.

Our furry children aren't really good for anything - except for a few laughs every now and then - but we love them anyway and continue to put up with their existence in our house.

Wait. Maybe we've got it backwards.

Anywho. Moving on.

Romeo, our tuxedo cat, has always been the Master of the House, and he lets you and everyone else know this in no uncertain terms.

This is ROMEO'S world, dammit, and don't you forget it.

King of His Domain...

Over the years, we've resigned ourselves to the fact that Romeo really only has two different expressions, or "looks", if you will, that he bothers wearing.

The first look is the look of Pounce...this is when he is ready to go into full attack-mode on something, whether it be animate or inanimate.

He will give the Pounce look to anything that invades his personal space - it's his own personal alarm system, warning the invader that it is about to be...well...pounced upon.

Which is supposed to be a scary thing, but we just laugh.

His second look - his favorite, without a doubt - is the look of Indifference.

Yes. The look of Indifference is pretty much on Romeo's whiskered face about 99% of the time. He wears this look well, and although I'm sure it's supposed to send a message, we just laugh.

Poor Romeo. He really doesn't get much respect around here.

So, imagine our surprise, upon returning from vacation last week, that our dear Romeo has now mastered a third look. Yes, our normally Indifferent cat has now developed a look of, what can only be described, as Adoration.

What the hell?! Where did THIS look come from? This is definitely a new look for him, and well...rather unsettling for us.

It's like the cat woke up one morning last week, and said, "Hey. I know it's been six long years...but I think I kinda' LOVE these people here. Wait. I DO. I DO love these people!"


My daughter was on the sofa the other day, and Romeo jumped up and practically molded himself to her face, showering her with kitty kisses and purrs..."Oh, I love you! I love you! I love you! I can't live without you, non-furry thing!"

Fortunately, our other cat, Juliet, is easier to read.

She has only ONE look - and it is the look of Arrogance. little Diva, Juliet. You will never see a look of Pounce, or even Adoration on HER face. Ever.

How DARE you give attention to a computer...and not ME? I come FIRST.

No indeed.


As it should be.


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Mental P Mama said...

Oh, I so get Juliet.....