Friday, June 15, 2012

Cowboy Heaven on a Sunday Night

There's nothing like hanging out on a Sunday night with 60,000 cowboys (and cowgirls, natch)…who are in a party mood and want nothing more than some good music and good beer.

That’s where we found ourselves when we boot-scooted on over to the “Brothers Of The Sun” tour – featuring headliners Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney – which was appearing Sunday night in Kansas City.

Count me in.

In homage to the temperatures, I didn’t dress up in full-cowboy-up gear; I did don my hat, but my boots were deemed too hot and were subsequently left at home.

Hubby has few faults…and one of them is that he is SO not a cowboy. So, he decided to go with a “Tom Cruise – before he was crazy” look. Sigh.

Upon arriving at Arrowhead Stadium, we were the victims of an organized and sanctioned extortion…we were charged a whopping $27 to have the “privilege” of parking a mere 2.5 miles away from the venue. I kid you not. (And as much as I love my cowboy boots, my feet were very tickled at this time to not have to walk 2.5 miles in those boots. Once again, they’re for total looks…not comfort.)

We had most-excellent seats…we were about 12 rows from the field, and very close to the stage. The stadium was slowly filling up at this point, and it looked to be a rollicking crowd. Yee haw.


Speaking of “Yee Haw”, Jake Owen was first up…and he got the crowd rocking and energized with his sexy blue eyes and guitar riffs. Fun stuff.


Up next was the very energetic Grace Potter and the Nocturnals…who are definitely more rock than country, and are never…um…dull. She’s a little pistol of energy with a sultry voice, and it was pretty obvious that she LOVES what she does. Bouncing around the stage in a killer mini-skirt, rockin’ some killer legs, I looked at Hubby and said, “I’ll have what she’s having.”


After a brief break to switch the stage, out came the always-cute and always-wonderful Tim McGraw…looking SMOKIN’ hot in all-white. Yummalicious, is all I have to say.

He was also pretty hot from the back side, if you get my drift.

Tim did not disappoint…playing old stuff…new stuff…getting the crowd to sing along and dance in their seats. LOVED his set…which lasted about 90 minutes.


Another brief intermission so the stage could be switched out for Kenny Chesney, and then the lights dimmed…and up popped Kenny from the back of the stadium. He then hopped in a suspended chair that was elevated above the crowd, and he slowly moved towards the stage.

Tim McGraw can best be described as mellow. Kenny Chesney can best be described as…hyper. The guy was bouncing all over the stage, so trying to keep him to hold still for just one freakin’ second, so I could get a good picture, was next to impossible.

We enjoyed Kenny…not as much as I enjoyed Tim, but still…Kenny knows how to put on a show. High energy…loud percussion…and lots of sing-along songs that extol the joys of drinking, sunning, and loving.

Beautiful weather…great crowd…and fantastic entertainment. Life doesn’t get much better on a Sunday night in June.

Yee haw is right.


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