Monday, June 11, 2012

Tiaras and Saturdays

...of which we discuss magical happenings on a Saturday...

So...we are now on to Part 3 of our Incredibly Over-Scheduled Weekend...Saturday.

ahhh....Saturday. When I was a wee one, Saturday was a mixed blessing for me. It would begin innocuously enough, with Saturday morning cartoons. These were the days with such classic cartoons such as the Looney Tunes, Huckleberry Hound, and Yogi Bear.

I'd make up a big, giant bowl of Lucky Charms cereal and plant myself in front of our one-and-only television so I could take in all the magic of vibrant colors, stimulating sounds and magical animation.

Unfortunately, as soon as the cartoons were over (usually around noon), my Mom would march in and lay out the chores that now needed to be done. Sigh. Just what every kid wanted to hear on Saturdays - the dreaded list of stuff that-had-to-get-done-or-there-would-be-dire-consequences. Bleh.

As I've gotten older, my Saturday routine hasn't changed all that much. Of course, you'll need to replace "watching cartoons" with "reading newspaper and checking the internet."

And you'll need to substitute eating a "granola bar" instead of Lucky Charms cereal...and strangely enough, granola bars aren't "magically delicious" like the Lucky Charms were, of old. But I guess they're healthier.

However...doing Saturday chores hasn't changed. Bleh. There are still lists of stuff that have to get done - or there will be dire consequences....

So, this Saturday morning was spent on "the list." Laundry, yard work, house cleaning, bill-paying, grocery shopping, organizing, etc, etc. You know the routine.

In the middle of my routine, though, something magical happened...and it didn't have anything to do with cartoons or Lucky Charms.

No. It had to do with the mail.

Yes. Of all things - the mail.

I went out to get the mail, and lo and behold, there is an envelope. A padded envelope, no less.

And it's addressed to "Queen Sherri."

Well...this is certainly curious. I don't get mail every day addressed to Queen Sherri...and since this didn't appear to be ticking - or leaking white powder - I figured it was safe to open. (Well...not to mention, the return address indicated this was from a friend - so I figured it was safe. Thanks, Renee, for my gift!)

So I did. I opened it.

And inside.....was a tiara.

A beautiful, sparkly tiara. For me. Queen Sherri.

And with the tiara was a beautiful, sparkly card, that wished "Her Royal Highness" (which would be ME) a happy 50th birthday. (which is next Monday, if you're interested. Hee.)

Well. Needless to say, that tiara went right on top of my head.

And how fun is it to do Saturday chores with a tiara on your head?


Who needs cartoons? Or Lucky Charms? All you need is a tiara on a Saturday.




LDswims said...

That's so awesome!!

lacochran's evil twin said...

Tiaras make everything better. We should have a tiara pay it forward program where we anonymously send a tiara to three people and see how their lives change! Because you know they would. See first sentence above.

Happy birthday!