Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kitten Encounters of the Close Kind

Every other day or so, Hubby and I strap on our running shoes and run.

Well. In full disclosure, there's a tad bit of walking in there, as well, but lately, it's more running than walking, which is a good thing.

Anyway, we follow the woodsy road around the lake, which has curves, hills, gravel, an occasional car, and animals.

Lots and lots of animals...since we're running in the woods by the lake, natch.

We've encountered possum, skunk, raccoon, deer, and cows on our nightly excursions.

Yes, cows - as in big, giant cows that live in a pasture across from the woodsy road around the lake. And, I don't claim to be a cow expert by any means - but those cows sure give us the side-eye every night as we go jogging by. I'm not sure if they're more disturbed by us, or by the peppy music that's blasting from my iPhone...but whatever it is, they do not take ONE EYE off of us until we are safely around the corner and out of sight. I'm always a bit flustered by the creepy, staring cows, but that's neither here nor there.

One night, we thought we saw a wolf go sprinting by us into the woods, which gave me a bit of the heebie-jeebies, but we finally decided it was probably just a wild dog. But still...Hubby has now taken to carrying a pocket knife so he can protect us from the big, bad wolf of the woods. I feel so safe. Not.

Anyway, this morning, my daughter decided to accompany Hubby on the run, being that it was Father's Day and all...and I decided to stay home and get things ready for Father's Day festivities to be held later in the day.

A few minutes ago, they both came in, all excited, rushing to tell me of their latest animal encounter.

Apparently, as they were running along, a "cute, cuddly grey kitten" (their words, not mine) came out of the woods and began following them, meowing plaintively either for food, or attention - or possibly both.

No Mama Cat could be found, and both Hubby and Daughter stopped to give the kitten some love...which always leads to trouble. The kitten didn't appear to be shy of people at all - rubbing affectionately and purring contentedly with my running warriors' ministrations.

They eventually came home - without the kitten - and immediately said, "We wanted to get your wisdom" - which is code-speak for, "We really, really like this kitten - and would love to bring it home - but we already have two cats and a dog - so let's have MOM make the decision."

Well, THAT could lead to trouble. Because if left to me, I would be the "Crazy Cat Lady" with 500 cats running around my asking me for my "wisdom" in what to do with a stray, cute kitten is not the most wise decision.

Well, let's review our current situation, here.

We're leaving for a two-week vacation on Tuesday.

After vacation, I'll then be leaving for Florida for a month.

Having a new kitten around would not be the wisest decision at this time...especially when one of our cats is totally ALPHA and would probably tear the new kitten to shreds - especially if we're not around to act as the United Nations Peace Keepers between the two.

But...gosh darn it...he sounds so, so cute, which kittens are prone to do. He's cuddly. Purry. Affectionate. Needy.


What to do, what to do?

In my most Solomon-like voice, I finally declared that we should take some food to the kitten, but he should not be brought home at this time. Tomorrow - if the kitten is still there - we'll scoop it up in a cat carrier and take it to the nearest no-kill pet shelter.

Here's hoping I've made the smart decision. If we brought home every cute, cuddly, affectionate being, our house would be bigger than Noah's Ark. And I really WOULD be the Crazy Cat Lady, which is not exactly a title that I'm hoping to achieve.


Kitten making himself at home in the basement....

Update: As of Sunday night, the kitten was happily ensconced at our house. Of course it was. Because me, in my infinite "wisdom", decided to have a look at the kitten myself. Remember that song..."Just one look...that's all it took...."???? Yeah. One look. Kitten happily came home with us, and has been loving all over us and purring and making himself at home.

I contacted my sister, who I decided was in serious need of a cat...and I think that may be where "Shadow" - or whatever they decide to call him - will make a permanent home. He is truly a beautiful, loving cat.


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Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Sherri,

You sure have been busy. Love the tiara!! Soooo, have a Happy Birthday tomorrow and be sure to wear your tiara!!!!
Have a great time on your vacation. I'm sure (and hope) there will be plenty of pics and stories!!!!

Happy Birthday,