Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pack Your Knives - I Mean, Clothes - and Go! (on a cruise)

It's no secret that Hubby and I are all about the food...

Whether it's experimenting in the kitchen ourselves, or choosing restaurants for their cutting edge menus, or devouring every food-related show on television, we both definitely love our gastronomical delights.

One of our most favorite shows over the last seven years has been "Top Chef" - a cooking competition show on Bravo Network that pits a different group of aspiring chefs each season in various challenges. It's always been our "must-see" TV on Wednesday nights, and besides giving us some "food for thought" in the kitchen, it's led to some interesting debates between us as we argue on whether the "right" chef had been sent home packing each week. We always like what the judges say when they send a poor chef home: "Chef...pack your knives and go" (PYKAG) - although we know that's the kiss of DEATH when a poor chef hears those words.

The newest season of Top Chef began airing last September, and one night, a commercial hit the screen - advertising a chartered "Top Chef" cruise. Wait, what? A cruise? That alone got my attention, but when it was shown that the cruise would feature fan-favorite chefs over the years from the reality series? Well. It sounded perfect.

The only problem to this is that we had enjoyed not one, but TWO cruises last summer...and I knew Hubby would never be "onboard" with the thought of another cruise. Imagine my shock one night, while watching the commercial, Hubby looks over at me and says, "You DO have us booked on that cruise, right??"

Um, no. But two seconds later, we were booked. You don't have to nudge me twice.

So. The cruise begins tomorrow. It's FINALLY here.

To say I'm bouncing with excitement is an understatement - as I'm practically GIDDY.

We're packed; we're ready to go. In another hour, we'll hop in the car and drive over to Miami, where we'll spend the night and get ready to embark tomorrow on a culinary cruise like no other.

There will be pictures. There will be a review. There will be new adventures - new friends - and new culinary creations to sample. There will be opportunities galore for me to creep/stalk on my favorite chefs over the years - getting photos, autographs, and cooking tips from.

Bon voyage, peeps - I'll catch up with you all next week...a few pounds heavier, I'm sure, but oh-so-happy.