Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Sahara Is the Place For Me!

Today, I found out the most ideal place in the world for me to live...it's full of warmth and sunshine, and not too many people.


According to the experts, I should ideally be living in the Sahara Desert....

I got tested for allergies this morning, and I pretty much came out highly allergic to every type of mold invented...as well as being allergic to every single type of tree that God planted.

Hmmm...mold? Trees?

Not exactly good news for someone who lives in wet & soggy Florida, as well as tree-ridden Kansas City.

The good news, though, was that I didn't test positive - AT ALL - to dust.

This was highly shocking to the allergist, who stated that most "normal" people test at least slightly positive to dust; she said it's highly unusual to score the way I did.

Well. That would explain it. "Normal" and "Drama Queen" are not two words that are usually put together...and this is just further validation. Thank you.

I looked at the allergist and said, very seriously, "So...you're saying I can let the dust accumulate forever in my house from now on - and I'm good to go? That's going to save me a bunch of time on my housekeeping."

#Long Live the Dust Bunnies!!!

So...I got to thinking of my ideal environment of where to live...the Sahara Desert would be mold free...as well as tree-free...and the sand and dust wouldn't bother me a bit! #Winning!!!

Although it would get a tad bit hot, I imagine. And my luck - I'm probably allergic to cactus trees (that was one I didn't get tested for - imagine that?!)

There was some other good news, as well - I am NOT allergic to any of my furry children. I didn't get tested to see if I was allergic to the non-furry children (do they allow that?!), but anyway - my pets will be pleased to know they're safe. For now.

Having a gazillion needles stuck in my arms a week after surgery was not the most pleasant way to spend my morning; I think it set me back a day or so in my recovery, actually, but I'm hanging in there. My sense of smell is still completely kaput...as I discovered when I used fingernail polish remover today, and the bottle smelled just like water. (And I had the STRONG stuff - so I KNOW it shouldn't be smelling just like water, trust me!) That was very discombobulating - to not even pick up a whiff of nail polish remover.

Deciding that good things follow people who hope for the best, I went ahead and booked my airline ticket for this Saturday...I'm going home to Kansas City. Having spent a total of a week in KC since Christmas has been too darn hard on my psyche and my soul, and I'm done. I'm done with traveling for awhile...I'm done with hot, sticky Florida for awhile...and trees, mold, or whatever I will be facing in Kansas City, I don't care - I'm going HOME.

Just leave the dust bunnies for me. They're not a problem.



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