Monday, February 3, 2014

Chinese Unicorns

In my defense…I was very tired.

(And you KNOW it's going to be good when someone has to start out with, "In my defense….")

I haven't quite adjusted to Hawaiian time, and my body was simply exhausted…which surely explains what happened last night.

To set the scene, there were six of us in a minivan…traveling around the Big Island of Hawaii after a long day of church and sightseeing. I was in the very back seat, which is ALSO part of my defense, should I ever be called to testify. It was raining, and the sound of the pitter-patter on the car, combined with the car noise, meant that I simply couldn't hear.


One of the women in our group, Lark, was talking about something or other, half of which I couldn't quite hear, and the other half I was simply too tired to make sense of. My brain was pretty much mush. Until, that is, I heard Lark say, "So, anyways - we checked the labels, and the unicorns were made in China."


This perked me up.

I mean, seriously? Chinese unicorns???!! I was now fully alert.

Not quite believing what I'd just heard, I said, a bit wondrously from the back seat, "The Chinese make unicorns???"

A stunned silence followed, and the rest of the group immediately shouted, "UNIFORMS, Sherri! NOT 'unicorns'!!!" And then they all busted a gut with laughter.


I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed - believing for just a second, that perhaps, unicorns really DID exist - thanks to the Chinese.



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