Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cruising Hollywood in a Stretch Limosine


Greetings from the Big Island of Hawaii, also known as Hawaii…I'm somewhere between Kona and Hilo, up on the north side of the island…on a remote church camp up in the mountains. This will be my home away from home for the next two weeks or so, where I'll be spending the bulk of my time building the camp.

Fun times!!!

It was certainly an adventure getting here - mainly because of some unexpected "mechanical issues" with one of our airplanes…but it all turned out well.

Yesterday morning, we faced an all-day unexpected and unplanned layover in Los Angeles…and rather than sitting in a hotel room all day - or an airline terminal all day - staring at the walls - we made lemonade out of lemons.

We had a wonderful concierge at the hotel, who hooked us up with a limo driver…and for a mere $20 per person (there were 9 of us), he took us on a 4-5 hour tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Rodeo Drive.


Some highlights!!!

Our ride for the day!!!

First stop, up to see the famous Hollywood sign:

It was WINDY!!! But awesome!!!

And a view of the Los Angeles skyline, with the Hollywood Bowl in the lower corner:

We then headed down the famous Sunset Strip, which was interesting with the various architecture, shops and restaurants:

We then headed down Hollywood Boulevard, where the driver let us out for a bit so we could walk down the Boulevard and check out the various sites. Here are some of the famous celebrity hand & footprints embedded in concrete in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater:

Clark Gable had BIG feet….

I LOVED Jimmy Durante's signature!


HAD to take this photo - this was my major crush in the 70's!!!

This is my current crush. Squee.

It was so cool to look at all of the handprints and footprints - I took millions of photos, but I won't share them all here. It was also cool to see the "stars" along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

After this, we then cruised down Rodeo Drive.


I mean, seriously - how often, in your lifetime, will you ride down Rodeo Drive in a LIMO???!!! It was never on my bucket list to do this, but it should have been. I felt like a rockstar.

Trying to be cool about the whole thing, but not succeeding!!!

It was a great way to spend the afternoon - and it made our unannounced layover much easier, since we were now going to miss out on a day in Hawaii. This was called - doing it in style!



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